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Book Review: Dyeing to Spin and Knit by Felicia Lo

reviewed by Sukrita Mahon With every kind of tutorial and technique easily searchable online, dyeing has never been more accessible to spinners and knitters. Most crafters are likely to experiment with some type of dyeing or colour blending at some point in their practice. The creator of Sweet Georgia Yarns, Felicia Lo, has managed to […]

Autumn 2020 Errata

The Autumn 2020 (Basics) issue has two corrections. In Michelle Boyd’s article, “A Balanced Look at Balanced Yarn,” the top photo on page 84 (photo 3) is incorrect. The correct photo is below: In Mary Caldwell’s article, “Spin It! Cheviot,” the numbers for the WPI for the yarns were transposed. For the turquoise yarn, the […]