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Spotlight on Amy Tyler

Thirty years ago, Amy Tyler went to an annual handspun yarn sale from a local spinning group in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A member of the spinning group invited Amy to sit down at a wheel, and the spinning community has a lot to be grateful for as a result! Since then, Amy has published over […]

Contribute to PLY’s Place Issue!

Our theme of Place is big and varied. It can be so many things. Perhaps it’s the space you love to spin in; a fiber-destination you remember or dream of; a fiber that only comes from one place; spinning techniques firmly attached to a region, even if they’ve traveled beyond that locale; how to travel with your […]

Head & Hands: Pattern Roundup

The Winter 2021 issue (Head and Hands) was full of patterns, but in case you need some more ideas of projects you can make for your head or hands using your handspun, check out these patterns. Musselburgh by Ysolda Teague This hat pattern is a fairly simple design, but it’s set up to include 6 […]

Sneak Peek: The Spring 2022 Issue

The Spring 2022 issue of PLY hits the shelves early next month, and we are so excited because the topic of this issue is…. GOATS! This issue has it all: amazing Angora, marvelous Mohair, and cushy Cashmere. We’ll cover processing, dyeing, prepping and spinning these fabulous fibers from our cloven-footed friends. Plus, plenty of pictures […]

The Hat Queen

words & photos by Jane Daniels Hats are often a first knitting project because they can be finished quickly and involve only knitting if done on circular needles with a rolled edge. In 2013, I embarked on an adventure to knit 500 hats, as in the Dr. Seuss book The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, […]

January Vlog with Jacey and Jillian

In this quarter’s vlog, Jillian and Jacey discuss the Winter 2021 Head and Hands issue, starting with the things they love most from this issue. Jacey does some modeling of the gloves and mittens she especially enjoyed. Jillian shares the businesses that contributed to this issue: fiber, tools, and wheels. Which wheel does Jillian really […]

Spinning for a Durable Pair of Mitts

words and photos by Rebecca Roy Whenever spinners discuss making yarn that can stand up to a great deal of wear, it is usually in the context of socks. I often feel like making a confession … I have never finished knitting a pair of socks. It’s never interested me. Phew, I feel better now […]

Recent Textile Discoveries in Archaeology

Archaeologists have made some textile discoveries in the past year that are of interest to spinners and clothmakers. In Turkey, at a rather large Stone Age settlement known as Çatalhöyük, cloth was found in 1962. It took decades of discussion and new data and discoveries to determine if the cloth was made from wool or […]

Comfort Fiber

words by Sylvia Smith I write this while enjoying a cornucopia of natural offerings brought on by changing seasons. These seasonal changes have caused me to shift my focus from outdoor activities back to my fiber arts pursuits. My link to emotional quietude has been through fiber. Specifically, I am working through the home study […]