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Don’t miss this bright and summery issue that’s all about bringing back the bulky! Almost every spinner can spin big in the beginning but often laments the loss of that ability as spinning skills increase.

This issue is not only about drafting thicker woolen and worsted yarns, but also about plying up, spinning thick and thin, creating bulky lopi-styled cabled yarns, light and airy bulky yarns, plus more! We’ve got tips and tricks for building grist and increasing diameter while keeping consistency. Are there breeds that are best for bulk? Of course and Beth Smith helps you find out which ones are best and avoid surprises. Deb Robson keeps you in the loop about fiber length and Michelle Boyd talks about wheel set up and lets you in on the truth about tension. Pre-drafting is explored using a diz and for plying up, what about a heck? We’ve explored which draft is best for building bulk and how draft impacts wear when it comes to these thick, thick yarns. Yarn diameter affects color too, let Jillian tell you how. Of course there’s more but you for sure don’t want to miss all the great projects for those fat yarns!


Permission to Experiment

Today fiber artist Joanne Seiff joins us for a guest post on…

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