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Spring 2014: The Silk Issue

Spring 2014

A treasure trove of silky knowledge for spinners; a go-to resource for answers to questions regarding this staggeringly low-micron-count fiber. Focusing on the 4 most readily available types of silk (Bombyx, Tussah, Muga, and Eri), we’ll delve into twist, sheen, luster, natural dying, ways to spin, structure, stories, and how to deal with just how darn slippery silk is. If you love to spin silk, love silk but don’t love to spin it (yet), or want to love silk, don’t miss this issue. Plus: Franklin Habit gives us another tip from Lazy Kate and Carson Demers tells us how to relax and enjoy the silky spin!!

Winter 2013: The Woolen Issue

Whether long draw has long been your nemesis or you’ve always let twist between your hands, this issue will stretch your skills. In it you’ll find every long draw technique that we could think of — point of contact, unassisted, double extension, from the fold, and on a spindle! You’ll also find some amazing carding techniques and how-tos on spinning the batts you create. You’ll find out what breeds are best for long draw and how to rebel against that knowledge. Plus: Franklin Habit gives us another tip from Lazy Kate and Carson Demers tells us how to avoid wrong draw!!

Autumn 2013: The Color Issue

Delve into autumn with cozy tones and different ways to spin, card, draft, dye, and design with them. Investigate a myriad of techniques to spin color, including several ways of keeping color intact and what to do when you don’t want to keep it intact but rather want to blend, extend, or tone it up or tone it down. Learn how to card for different color effects and how to design a color palette. Do you ever spin down the side of combed top, ending with a messy mass of fiber in your supply hand? Learn to spin back and forth across a wider piece of fiber instead of having to strip it thinner. Read the differing opinions of 3 spinning professionals in our new regular feature: Hot Button. Study the colorful and versatile Jacob sheep, learn when color first shows up in the history of spinning, and join Yvonne Stowell, Stephen West, Adrian Bizilia, and Carol Feller for fun projects featuring color!

Summer 2013: The First Issue

cover-2013summerThe theme of PLY’s first issue is . . . Firsts! Don’t mistake this for a beginner issue, though; some of the most talented, respected, knowledgable, and opinionated fiber minds in the community — among them Alden Amos, Stephenie Gaustad, Franklin Habit, Beth Smith, and Deb Robson — join us for this issue to give their insights about “spinning firsts”. We help lay out the history of spinning and examine how that history impacts us today, and also get down and dirty with firsts that face even the most advanced handspinners. Also featured, of course — some pretty great projects!

The PLY Magazine Mission.

Here at PLY Magazine, our mission as a primary source for spinning knowledge, technique, and opinion is to do the following:

  • support, reflect, and respond to the worldwide handspinning community
  • provide in-depth material for intermediate to advanced spinners
  • inspire new spinners
  • celebrate the diversity of spinning and handspinners
  • give a voice to spinners everywhere
  • record the rich history, report on the vibrant present, and inspire the hopeful future of spinning by creating a themed, archive-worthy document of the spinning community’s aspirations, activities, and achievements.
  • support indie businesses and craftspeople via affordable advertising, fair compensation, and return of intellectual property.

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