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Scales and Arpeggios Spinning Exercises to Help Make Your Spinning More Consistent

Michelle Boyd If you’re faithful to your daily practicing, You will find your progress is encouraging Do mi so mi do mi fa la, so it goes Practicing your scales and your arpeggios.               -The Aristocats           When I was a student in Olds College’s Master Spinner Program, I struggled with making consistent singles, just like […]

Virtual Shetland Wool Week 2021

Shetland Wool Week is online this year so you can enjoy the offerings from the comfort of your home. (Though I’m sure we’d all much rather be able to see the sheep and feel the fiber in person!) From their website: “For nine days from 25 September – 3 October, we’ll be bringing Shetland Wool […]

Tweaking My E-Spinner for Angora

words and photos by Terry Clemo “I’m not new at this spinning thing,” I think to myself. “Why am I having such a strange beginner experience with my new Ashford E-3 electric spinner?” After setting up my new machine, I start to play with some dyed wool. I didn’t think changing from a manual, foot-driven […]

Spin Together is coming in October

Spin Together is a week-long spinning competition taking place online and everywhere the week of October 2, 2021. A small group of indie dyers and fiber artists got together in 2019 to create a joy-filled spinning competition with a focus on creative spinning as well as yardage. The goal was to bring spinners from all […]

Handspinning Touchscreen Gloves

words and photos by Christie Schulze Alberta winters can be brutally cold, which makes having a good pair of mittens or gloves an absolute necessity. After trying several pairs of gloves claiming to be compatible with touchscreens that either did not work as advertised or were nowhere near warm enough (seriously, how am I supposed […]