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Correction to the Loft (Summer 2022) Issue

In the Loft issue (Summer 2022), for the Bogolanfini pattern (page 88), one of the charts was cut off during printing. For the Spindle and Shelling Peanuts Together chart, there should be two more columns on the left side (41 and 42). Updated chart below.

The Story of a Coat

words and photos by Rebecca Harkins The pandemic gave me the perfect opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream to make my own wool shirt. Since I raise sheep and have a lot of fiber available to spin, I decided to use handspun wool.  The first thing to decide was what the fabric design would be. […]

6 Reasons Why We Should Mix it Up

Words and Photos by Joanne Seiff There’s really something exquisite about a habit. That morning dog walk, cup of coffee, or the cookie we eat after lunch – life is full of delicious, everyday activities. For many spinners, spinning the same vanilla kind of yarn becomes so automatic that one day you may long to […]

Making Journey Yarns

words and photos by Joanne Nakonechny To sharpen my memory of any longish trip I make, I begin making a travel journal as soon as I start travelling. I gather any small items I can – sketches, photos, stamps, postcards – and write about each day. When I get home, I physically make a book […]