Interested in Advertising in PLY?

Here at PLY Magazine, we feel strongly about supporting indie businesses. In our magazine we are dedicated to maintaining a low ad-to-content ratio (always only 12-15% ads which means your ad is sure to get noticed). To that end we offer a limited number of non-prohibitively-priced advertising spaces ($125-$2000).

Currently we are selling ads for the Winter 2019 issue — the Prep Issue. Copy is due Sept 1st, 2019 and starts hitting mailboxes Dec 10th, 2019.

Print Ad Sizing & Purchasing

For complete advertising guidelines, please check our Advertising Specifications (.pdf).Our bazaar ads (1/8 of a page/$125) are always first come, first served, but if you’d like one of the larger ads on an on-going basis, packages are available!

For more information about advertising or ad packages, drop us a line through email.

Once your ad space is secured we’ll help guide you through our easy process, emailing to remind you of due dates, and making sure your ad is print ready.

1/8 page (Bazaar)

1/8 ad

1/4 Page Vertical

1/4 page ad

1/4 Page horizontal

1/4 page horizontal

1/2 Page

1/2 page ad

Full page
(full bleed)

full page w/ bleed

Our print schedule and deadlines for payment are listed below.

If you have any questions about advertising in the pages of PLY, let us know via our Contact page.

IssuesAd Sales Open
SpringSept 1st
SummerDec 1st
AutumnMarch 1st
WinterJune 1st

Print Artwork Due Dates

  • Spring Issue

    Art due Dec 1, issue shipped March 10th

  • Summer Issue

    Art due March 1, issue shipped June 10th

  • Autumn Issue

    Art due June 1, issue shipped September 10th

  • Winter Issue

    Art due Sept 1st,  issue shipped December 10th