Spinzilla team roster: Christina Bowers

plycuriousName: Christina

Spinning nickname: Rogue of Wool

years spinning: 15

Location: Denver, CO on my bike or wheel or, you know, in bed sometimes.

Spinning tool of choice for spinzilla: trusty old Ashford Traveller, for the gypsy girl

Favorite weight of yarn: I prefer any weight depending on the style of yarn, but comfort knitting is usually sport or dk

Favorite fiber for fast spinning: Shetland! It flies along with fast spinning.

Favorite treat to eat while spinning: Anything? Cookies are nice when you can get them, but mostly I snack on fresh fruit.

Project you’ll be spinning for: mostly for my shop, but I’d love to spin another sweaters quantity.

Personal Spinzilla goal: 12,000! I spun just under 9,000 last year and I think pushing it will be a breeze since I’ll be leaving plying for After this year. Maybe I’ll spin more.

Personal bio: I enjoy spinning a variety of traditional and art yarns as well as dyeing and preparing my own fiber (purchased, not raised myself – apartment!) for spinning. I recently opened an Etsy shop called PlyCurious where I sell my custom luxury handspun yarns. I’ve taught spinning and knitting in small groups and one-on-one for years (ultimate focus), but now I want to focus on creating a sustainable and supportive business around my handspun yarn.

I enjoy many other activities aside from spinning. I’ve been an avid knitter for as long as I’ve been spinning and enjoy spinning yarn for a project, then designing the project as I go for a custom, one of a kind item! I love to crochet and sew as well, but my heart lies with wool. I dabble in various other crafts for fun or practical purposes.

I’m a fast, dare devil, fixed gear cyclist (probably one of the few that follow traffic laws…) and I love traversing the trails in Colorado, where I currently make my home. I was in a stable, loving relationship for 18 years before I met my boyfriend, Jesse, but my cat likes him too, so we all live together now in a big happy family. I love reading books (audio cds are the spinners companion), listening to music, cycling, swimming in the ocean, and cooking amazing, healthy meals. Also, eating cookies.

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