Spinzilla team roster: Kate Blaney (aka puni goddess!)

KateofGS_xlargeName: Kate Blaney

Spinning nickname: “Puni Goddess”

Years spinning: 6.5 years

Location: My Fortress of Wool in Frederick MD

Spinning tool of choice for Spinzilla: Don’t make me choose! It is a tie between my Hansen miniSpinner & my Spanish Peacock supported spindles (of which…I own a lot of…)

Favorite weight of yarn: I like to change it up, but my favorite is fingering or sport weight

Favorite fiber for fast spinning: Merino Yak Silk blends carded into punis or drumcarded tribbles

Favorite treat to eat while spinning: Flavored almonds, black cherries and Jarlsberg cheese! (basically anything that you can grab a small handful of while spinning. I don’t have time to *stop* for food!)

Project you’ll be spinning for: I get bored easily spinning more than 2-4 oz of the same colorway at a time. Might break up a sweater quantity in between funky yarns. Or not. Just gonna go with what looks fun.

Personal Spinzilla goal: Minimum of 8,000 yds (hoping for over 10,000 yds!).

 I was a knitter first, then I learned how to spin. So, eventually I became a spinner who sometimes knit. Now I am a spinner who rarely knits and owns Gourmet Stash, my fiber arts business. Needless to say, my house is overflowing with wool. You really can’t go into a room without seeing the byproducts of my carding everywhere, aka wool-sparkle dust bunnies. Those babies are EVERYWHERE. Doormat outside of my house, in the flower beds, on my car, in the corners of the bathrooms. Basically, don’t be surprised if you leave my home with one or two of the lil sparkly guys hitching a ride back to your house.

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