Write for our Drape issue!

Calling all spinners! We need a few good article ideas! Would you like to contribute to the Autumn 2023 “Drape” issue?

Autumn 2023 is all about that magical shimmery dance of drape. We want to know everything that everyone knows about this alluring quality. Some yarns and projects have it and some don’t – are you the spinner to tell us why? How do you make a yarn that has swing and sway? What has the biggest impact on how much drape you get in a yarn/project? Do you know the drapiest breed of sheep? Or the drapiest cellulose or science-made fiber? What can you do to remove the drape from these naturally drapey fibers and why would you?

How about blending? What can you blend with a reluctant fiber to relax it into something that moves? And how much do you need to convince it to do so?

Of course, a worsted draft is the obvious choice for flowing fabric, but how much difference in drape is there between woolen and worsted? Can you make a woolen draft drape? Can you make a yarn that drapes without it being heavy? Share, share! How do you create a woolen preparation with a blending board, drum carder, or hand cards that encourages drape?

What role does ply and finishing have in getting a yarn to drape? Is there an optimum twist angle for a fluid yarn? Can plying help a yarn drape less? How does a yarn’s finish affect the movement of handspun fabric?

Are you a dyer who thinks about drape? A fabric that ripples has many more shadows than a fabric that doesn’t. Do you change your process (thought or dye) to emphasize or dimmish that?

We’re also eager for projects, and this is no exception. Do drapes need to drape? Tell us (and show us) the amount of drape you suggest for different types of projects from shawls, cowls, and sweaters to cushions and, well, drapes. We need the drapiest projects, so channel your inner Stevie Nicks and show us your skirts and shawls (knit, crochet, woven)!

Project ideas and proposals are due by September 1, 2022. We’ll get back to you in October and final work is due March 1, 2023. Submit your ideas here: https://plymagazine.com/contribute/write-for-ply

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