PLY Away Winners and Registration

It’s coming!  Registration for the first annual PLY Away is only a few short days away (Wednesday, Nov 11th at 10 am, CST).  We’ve made a few guides to help you choose and to get you ready for the registration process, they’re here !  I think they’re really helpful so take a look if your plans on Wednesday include constantly reloading to see if it’s live yet.

We have had our first batch of early registration winners through already and except for a couple of small things (that we’ve since fixed) everything went swimmingly!  There’s another batch of 10 registering the day before it opens for real and I think it’ll go off without a hitch.

When it does go live on Wednesday, I’ll also post the registration button on this blog and on facebook, just in case the PLY Away site goes cabloohey (which totally shouldn’t happen) you’ll still be able to get to the actual registration page on EventBrite.

Now on to the fun news!  You know we had the scholarship raffle, right?  Donate to the raffle and get a chance to register early or to win a free trip to PLY Away etc.  Well, we have our winners!

Our actual scholarship is going to Devin Helmen and our big raffle winner is Ruth Blau!  Congratulation to both, I can’t wait to what happens!