Swing Step Cardi fiber give-a-way

It’s a gorgeous sweater, no doubt.  I’ve actually worn it.  Twice.  It’s so fitted and comfortable and warm.  Much of that goes to Amy Herzog, no doubt, she’s a fantastic designer, but the fiber had something to do with it too.

Glynda McIver got to spin the fiber for Amy’s Swing Step and while it was nice and the yarn was pretty great, I’m holding the fiber that you’ll get to spin for your own Swing Step and it’s even better!  I’m not sure what Mary changed with her processing but this stuff is like buttah!  So perfectly processed, no vm, no lumps, no bumps, no neps, nothing!  It’s like a homogenized pound of fiber heaven.  I even think it’s softer.

This pound (yes, 16 ounces) Suriland (Shetland and Suri 50/50) from Mary at Fancy Fibers can be yours!  All you have to do is leave a review for this issue of PLY here (not in the comments, but here, on the issue page under reviews).  Be honest, give it a star rating and leave a review and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the fiber.  I’ll announce the winner on October 15th.


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  1. Carolyn Meronek
    Carolyn Meronek says:

    Your magazine is wonderful, as well as beautiful, full of info and for all levels. I’d rate it 9 stars. Wish you had a couple more patterns included in each issue though…..

  2. Susan Reel
    Susan Reel says:

    Love the magazine. The Community issue is great! I’ve enjoyed looking at the cover with my magnifying glass and finding the photos I sent!

  3. Diane Thomson
    Diane Thomson says:

    Your magazine is such a great addition to my spinning references. With each issue being so topic specific it’s like having a new reference book added to my library each quarter. Keep up the good work. I am slowly making my way through the Community issue, enjoying each article as it unfolds.

  4. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Ply is modern genius. It shows me how much I already know and inspires me to push myself to create without restraint. This must be what artists feel – the ability to create anything! Thank you!

  5. Tamara Lasley
    Tamara Lasley says:

    Love, love, love the magazine. Your editorial is like you are sitting next to everyone of us. It is personal, passionate and very practical. I devour every issue. Ten stars for you.

  6. Leslie Hart
    Leslie Hart says:

    I love, love, love PLY! I was only able to read a few articles in this months issue before heading out on a fishing trip, but what I read was fabulous. Community is a great topic; one I would not have thought of. The story about the Hug Scarf was touching and a great example of how a common interest can unite strangers and encourage compassion. The world needs more fiber artist, that’s for sure.
    Five out of five stars!

  7. Johanna
    Johanna says:

    100 out of 100 sheep!
    I am still waiting for the new issue,as I live in Austria, it has not found its way into my postbox. But all the other issues I read are wonderful, so I am looking forward!

  8. Karrie
    Karrie says:

    Another amazing issue, spindle 7 and follow the fibre where truly heart warming stories, really shows how fibre can bring us together. But this issue isn’t just cozy stories, more great projects, spinning lessons and ever important how to maintain your most important tool … Yourself. I always look forward to Carson’s articles on ergonomics. A+

  9. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    What a super magazine! Love the full color photography! I enjoyed the article about being a vendor at fiber festivals. These events are a highlight to me – the networking with fellow fiber people is so exciting, and stimulating. My hands want to start winding a warp long before we get home to a loom!

    Especially love the Big Top Shawl!

  10. Colleen Ostberg
    Colleen Ostberg says:

    I just realized on my way home from Rhinebeck that I was missing my PLY magazine. Oh no my subscription had lapsed. Thank goodness for being able to access this site on my iPhone! I am back on the list and have also purchased the missing issues. I spin daily and the Ply magazine is such an inspiration. Thank you for all the effort the team puts in.
    Colleen (sewdelighted)

  11. bon*fiber
    bon*fiber says:

    i’m always amazed at the amount of useful information that’s packed into every issue of Ply. The Community issue is no exception. I did noticed there wasn’t a Stealth Review this time…..hope that will be back in the winter issue!

  12. Marla
    Marla says:

    I got to touch the Suriland fiber today at the Fancy Fibers shop. It is amazing. I ended up going with the Suri & Cormo blend, as it was also amazing!


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