A little Sheepspot

A little Sheepspot

I get rejected a lot. I propose a lot of classes and articles all over the place and most of the time the answer is no. Even when I get asked to propose, frequently I get a no.

I used to wallow in the gross feeling of not getting picked, but now I don’t.

It’s not instantly sunshine and lollypops, I take my moment to relive not getting picked for dodgeball in 5th grade, then move on. It’s part of the process.


Then I’m back at the work of ideas and proposals.  Here’s a not so secret, secret, the stuff that gets rejected will get accepted. It may become a small part of something else, it might get combined with two or three other things, it might get accepted, as is, somewhere else. Any thinking or planning is good work.


A little Fiberstory

A little Fiberstory

This week I got rejected by PLY. I sent in an article proposal awhile back and this week I got a nice form email from Jacey saying basically, thanks, but no thanks.

Guess what? I’m happy about it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a minute or two of that cruddy rejection feeling, but quickly thought differently. It’s not about my idea’s worth or even my personal worth, it’s about the magazine, and that made me happy.


What quickly pushed any gloomy thoughts out of my brain was the thought of getting that finished magazine in my inbox and seeing how it was built into a great issue. How the articles and projects balance each other and the idea of the theme. I know I’ll see instantly that my idea would have been OK, but wasn’t quite right.

Jacey has proved herself again and again that she knows how to make an excellent issue of our excellent magazine. When I get to be part of the inside I am overjoyed. When I get to participate as a reader I am completely content to roll around in other people’s ideas and learn a bunch about spinning.


And that rejected idea? I’m already using it somewhere else!

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  1. Hannah Woods
    Hannah Woods says:

    This makes me feel a lot better – that someone of your caliber gets rejected, too! Your outlook is amazing – one I completely agree with. My first proposal to PLY was rejected, too, (boy, Jacey sure knows how to make it easier!) but after the first couple seconds of feeling bad I was relieved because my idea wasn’t taking shape like I thought it might. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jo Ann Anthony
    Jo Ann Anthony says:

    This is an inspirational article, if for those of us who still wallow in the mire a bit longer than you. Thanx for sharing. I am hope to afford a subscription soon and a few back issues that where suggested by Jennifer at Expert Dyeing.


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