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Want some Camelot Dyeworks fiber?

I think most readers have gotten the Fine issue of PLY by now, right?  If you haven’t and you feel deep in your heart that you should have, email me and we’ll figure it out together!

Otherwise, what did you think?  I’ll tell you what I think — I think it’s our finest issue to date. By finest, I mean so stinking good that I just look at it and smile.  I love everything about it — he authors, the articles, the photography, the graphics, the more subtle layout, the oh-my-stars cover!

I also love the project by Corrina Ferguson — Bernata shawlette and hat. Almost every project we feature starts with a perfectly timed dance between dyer, spinner, and designer.  First I find the designer and we talk about what the perfect yarn for the project would be. It has to fit within the issue’s theme but outside of that constraint, it’s all up to the designer.  If the designer doesn’t spin (and so often he or she doesn’t), I find a spinner that can take the wishes of the designer and translate it into the perfect yarn. While all that planning and chatting is going on, I find a dyer that can dye a perfect colorway for the project.  I like to try to use a colorway that a dyer has already developed so that if people want the same one, it’s available, but sometimes they do something special for us.

In the case of the Bernata pieces, the spinner and designer came as a package deal and I knew I wanted to use Herman Hills Farm‘s delicious Cormoso so I only had to find a dyer. After a bit of looking and lusting, I decided on Camelot Dyeworks. Herman Hills farm agreed to send Camelot some fiber, she dyed half and sent it all on to the Kimberley to be spun and then Kimberley sent it on to Corrina to be made into something you all would love.

So, like we do each issue, leave a review on the review page of the Fine issue and on July 28th I’ll randomly pick a winner who will get enough of the Herman Hills-grown, Camelot Dyeworks-dyed fiber for the Corrina Ferguson Bernata shawlette and hat.

Remember, don’t leave your review here, go to the review page of the Fine issue.

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    • Kate
      Kate says:

      Me either! I want to get this issue now too! I’m assuming it’s $10 if I just want this issue? I’m confused though because it says for back issues it is $0.01?? I should probably just view their site on a PC and not my mobile lol.

      • Jacey
        Jacey says:

        lol, you can actually order the back issues off the issue pages (under shop up on the menu bar, then under issues). that should work, let me know if it doesn’t!

  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to read your magazine. I was just talking to Rachel at Paradise Fibers and she told me about you. The only magazine I have come into my house (and I am a avide spinner and quilter) is Spin off. I did not know about your magazine so Rachel will send me a copy so I can get hooked ;). I live in northern Québec Canada where there are no fiber stores nor quilting stores, so my world is mostly online and on business trips I search out all the neat places.Keep spreading the passion!

  2. Pat
    Pat says:

    Loved the entire issue. My default spin is fine so I read the articles with great enthusiasm. Keep up the beautiful work.


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