Review the Texture issue and win some batts!

small colorful battsIt’s that time again, the time when I ask you to review the current issue. I want to know what you think. I have some gorgeous textured batts to send one lucky reviewer/subscriber. They’re the kind of batts that make fantastic corespun yarn, the kind that Steph Gorin wrote about in this very issue. If you’ve never tried this technique, it’s be the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. Of course, if you’ve already tried it, you don’t have any need for more fiber do you? Oh, right, spinners always need more gorgeous fiber!

So here’s what you do. Just leave a review for the texture issue of PLY Magazine here, under the review tab. Also make sure to leave your name! On December 3rd, we’ll use a random number generator to pick a number, find the comment that matches that number and announce the winner! We’ll use your name to look up your address and ship your gorgeous batts the very next day! You’ll be corespinning in no time!

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  1. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    The texture issue inspired me to issue a Halloween yarn challenge to our spinning group ! It was a blast ! Some of us reveled in it while others played but didn’t enjoy the game. It also moved me to create a single colored, multi textured piece as a commissioned wedding gift. AND on the horizon is a circular woven textured vest!
    I love the magazine and wear out all of the pages on every issue, but the poor Texture issue is in tatters !
    Thank you for being so great !

  2. Karen Patterson
    Karen Patterson says:

    The fiber…..simple…..soft…..maybe a little variation in color….after the dye bath…the fiber gains more visual attention but still is lacking something…texture.adding locks,lace bits,ribbon bits….the fiber begins to dance!Now as I spin the single ,it has strange clumps and I’m not so sure about it…but the color seems to be enhanced……as I wind it on the niddy noddy ….it POPS! Beautiful thick and thin …..ribbons climbing throughout……..pops of lace! The fiber goes through it’s dance…..and captivates me continually…..

  3. Pauline Spinks
    Pauline Spinks says:

    As a spindle spinner I loved the article by Tracy Hudson. It has inspired me to get more creative with my spindles .Thank you so much.

  4. Carlin
    Carlin says:

    If you’re looking for some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing look no further than the Texture issue of Ply. This issue was all-over the place in the best of ways with all sorts of new and different ideas, techniques, tips, and ways of thinking about fiber. After reading I can’t help but think of all of the new and different possibilities that are out there for me to try!

  5. Karrie
    Karrie says:

    Another great issue. Really love the hoodie in this issue. Looks like I need to get more locks to play with. I was also inspired to try weaving in a circle. The art yarn featured blew me away! Something to aim for.


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