Spinning at the Hardware Store


I love a good hardware store as much as I love a good book store. I can wander for hours exclaiming over all the doodads.  There are so many things that can be used for other purposes, including spinning tools.

I have four hardware store tools that I use for spinning that I wouldn’t want to do without, all of them suggestions from other spinners.

Tool Bags – I remember sitting waiting for a class to start and another spinner walked in with a hardware store tool bag filled with all of her spinning tools. Watching her pull out all of the things like Mary Poppins, I knew I had to have one. They are really durable, have a ton of pockets for organizing, come in a lot of sizes and have sturdy handles. I went out that week and bought one. Now I have several. My husband steals them.

Chalk Line – This is a genius suggestion from super spinner Beth Smith – use cotton chalk line for a drive band. It’s sturdy, smooth and cheap, 100 yards for less than $2.50.

Sink Plunger – I only had to watch Judith Mackenzie wet finish bison yarn using plunger-tape a sink plunger once to know I found finishing nirvana. I use it mostly when I want wool yarns more than just fulled.

Surveyor’s Tape – Deb Menz uses this magical tape when she dyes. I used it in a dyeing class with her years ago to mark samples. Cut it to any length, tie it on your skein and write on it with a Sharpie – the info stays on through dye and rise, hot and cold. I can still read the dye notes on my skeins from 5 years ago.

What spinning treasures have you found at the hardware store?






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  1. linda
    linda says:

    At the older independent hardware stores, it’s still possible to get a laundry scrubbing board for those skeins or projects you want to spot felt.

  2. Juli
    Juli says:

    I definitely plan on getting the bag! I have one for my house tools and love it, but never thought of it for my spinning. It will make organization a dream, that’s for sure, and the inner section could carry fiber or combs and cards.


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