Fiber give-a-way — Elektron scarf!

I know that Bernadette, PLY’s photographer and my very best friend, is catch-your-breath-fall-down gorgeous (not to mention talented). It’s also true that anything, absolutely anything, would look beautiful on her. But given all of that, the Elektron scarf,  by Kristy Howell from issue #4, really is stunning.

howell3There’s something about the delicate lace, the slightly rustic character of the fiber (60% merino wool/ 40%flax), and the complex goldnenrod color, when combined, just shines.

Well guess what I have in my hot little hand?  Yep, enough of that exact fiber from Spunky Eclectic’s in gold digger — to spin and knit your very own Elektron.  Would you like it?  You would?  I thought so.  I feel like I know you so well.  And you know me right?  You know that I’d like to give it to you.  All of you.  But since I have just enough for one project, I’ve got an idea.

I need something from you.  I’m collecting spinning snapshots for a very special project in our next issue — the community issue.  I need lots.  Lots and lots.  Like hundreds!  So if you send me a digital snapshot of yourself or a friend/friends spinning (please make the subject of the e-mail snapshot) and then leave a comment on the blog saying you sent it and that you’re okay with us publishing it — you’ll be entered in our random drawing!

Don’t worry about it being the best shot ever, it’ll be very very small so nobody will notice if your yarn isn’t even or if you don’t have your good bra on.  However, I do need it to be of people spinning!

Okay?  Sound good?  Let’s do it!

Step 1. send a photo of yourself spinning  to Jacey (with snapshot as the subject of your email).

Step 2. comment on this blog post  that you sent me the snapshot.

Step 3. On Friday, July 11th, I’ll announce the winner and ship out the fiber!  



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  1. Phyllis (Sonomaknits)
    Phyllis (Sonomaknits) says:

    Sent an email w 2 pics of me trying out my new Hansen mini spinner in our hotel room during Black Sheep Gathering!

  2. Judy Tipple
    Judy Tipple says:

    I sent a picture of me doing a spinning demonstration at the Marin County Fair this year on the 4th of July. I do this every year and have a great time showing kids how they used to do it in the olden days (but with updated equipment). When folks (usually men) come up and ask “isn’t that cheating”? I reply with a couple of things (and always with a smile and/or a giggle): (1) They call it handspun, not footspun (2) I guess you must still be using a hand drill for those pesky home repairs, or (3) So, hows that horse and buggy working out for your morning commute.

  3. Carolyn Ferro
    Carolyn Ferro says:

    Fun giveaway!
    You may use any of my photos in upcoming Community issue.
    Have spindle, will travel. I document most the places I spin with at least a cell phone shot. Most however, only show my hands, spindle, yarn–usually hanging over some precipice. Sent you a couple, though.

  4. Artie Martin
    Artie Martin says:

    I sent you a snapshot of me spinning with my Hansen mS at a Re-creation event last weekend.
    Yes, you have my permission to print the picture.

  5. Karrie
    Karrie says:

    Sent a picture of my cat and I spinning this past winter & one from my deck. Yes you can print the photos.

  6. Jen
    Jen says:

    I just sent you a picture of me spinning on a wheel I had just won in a raffle at a local spinning event last year.

  7. Mary Ann
    Mary Ann says:

    Hi Jacey,

    Just sent a few of spinning aided by my Jack Russell, Maggie Rose. You have my permission to publish, if they are of any use to you!

  8. Susan
    Susan says:

    Hello, I sent a photo of me spinning in 19th century historic attire on the Fourth of July, in Old Town San Diego. I am spinning wool dyed with madder. Thanks!

  9. Christopher CJAdam
    Christopher CJAdam says:

    Hi Jacey – just sent you a pic spinning on one of my many spindles watching fireworks… it’s OK for you to publish, even though I’m not wearing my good bra (or any bra, for that matter!)

  10. Erin
    Erin says:

    I just sent you a photo of myself spinning on Christmas Day during a power outage and you can TOTALLY use it. (: Awesome! I looooooove PLY.

  11. Stephanie Land
    Stephanie Land says:

    Hi Jacey! What a fun idea! I have sent one that I could quickly…feel free to publish…I will try to find some more!
    Love the Mag,

  12. Karen Frisa
    Karen Frisa says:

    I just sent you a photo, and you have permission (from both me and the photographer) to publish it. Thanks!

  13. Linda, Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre
    Linda, Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre says:

    Hello! I just sent in 2 pictures of the Tuesday Morning Spinners, taken earlier today at Burnaby Foreshore Park, just east of Vancouver BC. During the summer we try to spin outdoors as much as possible, switching to a new location each week. Everyone in the photos is fine with them being published.

  14. cal patch
    cal patch says:

    just sent you a pic of me spinning at Rhinebeck a few years ago. now i see that i need to get more pics of myself spinning! i’m always snapping from behind the wheel, but have very few showing me AT the wheel! you have my permission to publish it in PLY! thanks!

  15. Cathy and Troyce Brooks
    Cathy and Troyce Brooks says:

    Sent 4 photos – spinning in the snow, spinning together w/husband, and camping. Ok for publishing.


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