We made a mistake in Twist

We are sad to announce (here and on the Twist issue’s extra page) that we made a mistake. A big mistake.  Through no fault of the author, in the issue about twist, in the photos in article about measuring twist angle —  we totally did it wrong.


See, you’re supposed to line your yarn up with 0 (zero) degrees. As you can see in the magazine on the paper twist guide behind the purple one, 0 (zero) degrees is often in the middle of the twist guide. But not always.  On this purple one, it’s the horizontal line at the bottom.  And that’s where our trouble began.


Yep, we lined up our yarn with the mid-line. In this case, the midline is 90 degrees!  Not 0 (zero)! Which made the twist angle we reported INSANE! Seriously, a 75 degree angle of twist – that’d be something wouldn’t it?  Fishing line socks, anyone — they exfoliate and never wear out!


Above is how, for this particular twist gauge, we should have aligned the yarn, along the bottom, like a yarny horizon.  But we didn’t do it that way and we’re very very sorry.


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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Your little mistake makes the rest of us feel better about not being perfect. I learn so much from PLY. Every issue is like a thorough book on one topic. I’m pretty cheap and don’t spend money on something for myself unless it’s really worth it…and I just renewed my subscription. Keep up the great work!

    • Jacey
      Jacey says:

      thanks! I felt terrible about the mistake, mostly because I didn’t want it to reflect on Michelle and because I didn’t want anyone to think I we think a yarn with a 75 degree angle of twist is nice, lol.

  2. Bonny
    Bonny says:

    Lol, didn’t even notice it! So nice to know I’m not the only one who makes mistakes. Reading Ply has been such an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

  3. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Wow! Now I read that and never even noticed it! Good catch! And remember, if you never make a mistake, you are sitting in a room, doing NOTHING.

    This magazine sure isn’t THAT!

    Besides, what’s one little “opps!” between friends?

  4. Becky S
    Becky S says:

    It takes a much bigger person to admit when they made a mistake than it takes to be always correct. Thanks for being my favorite magazine!!

  5. Jennifer R
    Jennifer R says:

    I didn’t notice the mistake either, but the way you explained the mistake is awesome! I love everything about this magazine. I’ve learned so much and have read each magazine at least twice. Thank you so much for sharing your love with us; it shines bright on every page.

  6. Helene L
    Helene L says:

    I figured it was because I was a newbie spinner and didn’t understand. I still can’t recall which is S and which is Z; I just know that I spin clockwise and ply counterclockwise. Except when I spin one of three plies counterclockwise for socks, as Sarah Anderson recommended. If you told me the twist would set better if I froze the top first, I would believe you.

  7. Lynda Grieve
    Lynda Grieve says:

    I have a spinning friend who says everything should have one mistake because only Allah is perfect!
    Is it ok with you if I print off your corrections to put in my copy of the mag?

  8. Midori
    Midori says:

    I’m a teacher, and my classroom motto for years has been, “Always Make New Mistakes; That’s how you know you are learning”. (But don’t keep making the same old ones)


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