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Did you know I used to make videos? Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, I guess. I made one video and I had plans to make more. In fact, I had plans to make lots more, not just of me but of other spinners. Grand plans, that is, until I watched my first Craftsy class. I saw right away that they were doing a better job than I could do. They’re the future. I mean, it’s a recorded class, with all the bells and whistles and graphics and easy navigation and perfect sound and wonderful close-ups and different angles but it’s got something that no class on DVD can really have – community. That is, interaction with other students and the instructor. It’s the best of on- and off-line. It’s pretty brilliant and it quickly killed any designs I had on a spinning DVD empire. Killed it dead.

So as you might guess, I was pretty excited when my dream-killer approached me to do a Craftsy class. First I checked out how they treated their instructors and employees. Things like that are important and I’m a firm believer in business-karma. Turns out, pretty darned well. Invariably, everybody I know that did their own Craftsy class had nothing but brilliant things to say about the experience. Everyone I met that works/worked for the company had equally glowing things to say.

The real surprise came when I saw the breakdown of where the money goes. Having worked in different capacities for different companies, I’ve had a bit of experience with royalties and Craftsy is way ahead of anyone I’ve worked with! Sure, you get the standard 12% of net if Craftsy sells your class (via their vast advertising network, emails, or just on the site) but where they really shine is if you, the instructor, sell your own class! Yes, if somebody gets to craftsy via a link the instructor put up, say, like this one, the instructor get 30% of whatever class(es) that person enrolls in, even if they’re not the instructor’s class! It’s generous. It’s really generous. It’s what gets them great instructors.

And so I said yes. I may have squealed it, honestly.

You know what I found out? The other reason they get great instructors is that they treat them amazingly! So well. You never feel lost or alone or like you’re not sure what’s happening. They are a well-oiled craft-class-making machine over there. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. Levi and I spent 4 days there and it was great! We loved it. I’d do another in a heartbeat. I’d do 10 more.

So, if you’re interested in a pretty darned comprehensive drafting class, check out my craftsy debut!

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  1. Sarita Coffman
    Sarita Coffman says:

    I love it…I started last week watching your drafting class. I have been spinning for many years and I am learning things that I never even thought about. You are so organized and you make it so easy . I wish I had a class like yours when I first started spinning, I wish they would put the class on a DVD so I would not use up all my high price data.

  2. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I’ve been watching your class for at least 2 weeks now,little bits here and there, which is why I love the Craftsy platform. I was so excited to see you did a Craftsy class that I purchased it immediately. I would love to see more from you too! So glad you joined the Craftsy community.

  3. Deana
    Deana says:

    I actually have been working through your class, and have Jillian’s plying class already in my queue for when I finish yours. It’s a fantastic class, and I love that I can go back and re-watch lessons. I love it!

  4. Warren Agee
    Warren Agee says:

    Please. Make more Craftsy classes. I will enroll in every one you make. I *loved* your first one. Even though I’ve been spinning for 4 years, I learned a lot about drafting. And your on-camera presence is extremely warm, inviting, and articulate! Your class on drafting was a joy to watch. Thank you.

  5. Sara
    Sara says:

    My first class just went up and I agree with everything you said – and I love YOUR class 🙂 Watched it last week! Already making yarns with a purpose that I LOVE.

  6. Maja
    Maja says:

    yes I also love craftsy, it is just the perfect user friendly set up, a class at the speed and time you choose and you can go back anytime and easily find some point of reference you are looking for. Jacey, your craftsy debut is fantastic!!! I sped through it spinning all the different ways onto one big bobbin:) so I will for sure go back and revisit in my own sweet time, now that I know where everything is 🙂 so all thumbs up for Jacey´s class and craftsy in general!!!

  7. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    I just finished your Craftsy class (my first Craftsy ever) and really enjoyed it. It was so comprehensible and easy to navigate. I once heard someone say that a true teacher is someone who takes difficult things and makes them simple and easily understandable… You nailed this! I’m working through Jillian’s Ply class now and may have a new Craftsy addiction. I love that I can get (semi) personal attention from such experienced teachers where I live. I silently sob a bit, every time I see another spinning retreat with a star-studded line-up… that’s thousands of miles away from me. These classes are the next best thing! I also love that I can replay anything at anytime (cause I need lots of reminders). Thank you for doing a Craftsy and giving a newbie, like myself, a shot at some quality spinning education. Man… I wish I had watched these BEFORE Spinzilla!

  8. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Yes, please, do make more Craftsy classes! I’ve taken many and it’s a great platform. I have to say that your class was one of the best I’ve taken so far – excellent job! You’re an amazing teacher. I watched it once straight through just to absorb everything and I plan on re-watching with my wheel in front of me to try things out. I’d enroll in any other Craftsy courses you made in a heartbeat. BTW, pouring over SpinArt now and that’s fantastic as well – THANK YOU for saying that there are rules, and rules are OK, and they don’t have to take the joy out of anything, and so here they are. I love rules too, you’re not alone! 🙂

  9. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I’ve purchased several classes from Craftsy and am never disappointed. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to take classes from incredibly talented teachers and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. At the same time, I really appreciate being able to watch the video, rewatch the video, stop it, watch it again, and again.
    I’ve been spinning for a number of years but am always interested in learning more. I’ve watched Amy King’s class (which is amazing), then I watched your class. Even as a somewhat seasoned spinner, I learned a few things and really enjoyed the class. I hope you will do another Craftsy video. I would buy it the day it is released. Your patience, talent, and humor are communicated along with the technical information. I would definitely recommend your class to people interested in learning to spin, or hoping to improve their skills.

  10. Susy
    Susy says:

    Your Craftsy class is how I ended up here! You totally rock and if I was a guy I would totally be in love. OK, that sounded a bit scary. Don’t worry, I am a happily married mom of three, who loves fiber ( and Reading almost anything but mostly fantasy and sifi, and dancing in the livin’, and eating and crafting my butt off). And for the past year I have been diving into the world of spinning, never wanting to emerge. And you my deary, made it all completely come together. Please, please make more classes! I wil buy and this time through your link! (Oh and is it possible to buy older issues from Ply?)

  11. Peggy McKoy
    Peggy McKoy says:

    I’m enrolled and LOVE it! You are an excellent instructor and I learn so much every time I watch a session. Lessons are clear and so easy to understand! I’ve been taking classes on Craftsy for some time and this one is truly outstanding!!! Looking forward to more from you!


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