Those New Year’s Resolutions

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Holy moly, I hate New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ve kept making them for  years. I’ve made huge ones, tiny ones that should be easy to keep, lists of 100 things, on and on. I almost never keep them, even the fun ones. I run out time, I run out of fire, I run out of headspace.

For example, every turn of the year I get all excited about weaving tapestry, every year, why in January, is tapestry so appealing? Over the years I’ve bought the books, biggish looms, I have yarn, I have an idea or two. I have fiery determination to make this my next thing, my next fibery craft.  Every January I get out the books, pet the looms, find new tapestry blogs to read, but I can never fit it in with everything else, it just feels too big and it gets lost again.

Resolutions in general made me feel bad, so I quit. But I also feel like the turn of the year needs to marked in some way, welcomed in some way.

This year I made intentions, just a few that are as broad as Lake Michigan. They can be rationalized, shaped and generally messed with to fit any mood or instance. I’m hoping they help on those days come when I wake up feeling a little lost. Do I take the left path or the right?

Two of my intentions fit my crafting life perfectly: Connect and Make. See? Broad, but they feel great. They are reminders to do things I love and talk to people about it, to ask questions and to just fiddle with tapestry or what new interest pops up, making not conquering.


Do you make resolutions? What can you tell me about spinning yarn for tapestry?

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  1. Jacey
    Jacey says:

    I made resolutions this year. Most included to try and organize better so that I can get more done in less time. Also, to knit. Also to practice piano everyday. Also to do one extra thing with each kid, separately, each day, even if it’s just helping cook dinner or playing 10 minutes of Legos. Also to keep up on my planner, paper this year. Also to keep up with the garden. Also to make my friends feel loved and appreciated.

    By the way, Jillian, I love and appreciate you.

  2. Karrie
    Karrie says:

    I’m not a big resolution person so I try to keep it simple. My time is precious so for the first time instead of continuing to spin a fibre I was not enjoying I stopped plied up what I had spun and gifted the fibre to a felter who was very happy to have it. I have too many fibres to try out yet and ones I know I love to spend my precious time on something I don’t love. My other resolution clean the cat litter more often:-)


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