Twists and Turnings

women spinning on a spindleWe try to minimize the mistakes, but we do make them.  I make them.  I made one in the Worsted issue and I’m about to tell you about it.  See that pretty picture to your left, the one where I try to make it look like I’m spinning as fine as the fine Jessie Driscoll?  Well, when I listed in on the Independent Spinner page, I didn’t give the correct information. This spindle was made by Twists and Turnings and the correct URL is  I’m really sorry about that, it’s a gorgeous spindle and Sari and Ron are super nice.

In other news, the magazine is making a slow trip of it this issue.  I’m not sure why the holiday mail is worse this year than last, but it seems to be.  They all went out in mid-December so you should see your copy soon if you haven’t yet. I wish I could make your mail carrier come faster but they don’t give me that sort of power.  I did just hear that it finally crossed the border into Canada!




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  1. Marie Tremble
    Marie Tremble says:

    Excellent news about Canada…really looking forward to this issue.

    Diehard worsted spinner who just learned how to longdraw!

  2. Cathy Eisenmenger
    Cathy Eisenmenger says:

    Mine hasn’t arrived yet (Alberta, Canada). Thank you Jacey and Team though keeping your subscibers like myself informed of the mail delays this winter. Have to laugh though that mailing to Australia is faster than getting the issues north of the border to Canada !

    • cookgoalie
      cookgoalie says:

      And quicker to New Zealand as well. Not sure what day it actually arrived but was in my mailbox on return from holiday on 11th January. My first issue. Love it! Have ordered all the back issues. After a 20 year hiatus I have returned to my wheel so to find this mag is perfect timing.


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