Autumn 2020 Errata

The Autumn 2020 (Basics) issue has two corrections.

In Michelle Boyd’s article, “A Balanced Look at Balanced Yarn,” the top photo on page 84 (photo 3) is incorrect. The correct photo is below:

In Mary Caldwell’s article, “Spin It! Cheviot,” the numbers for the WPI for the yarns were transposed. For the turquoise yarn, the measurements should be 11–12 WPI for the singles and 8 WPI for the 2-ply yarn. For the variegated yarn, the measurements should be 14–16 WPI for the singles and 10 WPI for the finished 2-ply yarn.

PLY Magazine believes that Black lives matter, as well as LBGTQI+ lives. Those most vulnerable and persecuted in our communities deserve our love and support. Please be good to each other.

Our apologies

Hello, fabulous spinners! As you probably know, we work really hard to bring you what we feel is the best the world of spinning has to offer, from our articles to our fiber choices to the products & services we recommend in the pages of PLY. Since we are human, though, we are susceptible to errors, and it looks like we’ve made one in the winter issue.

In the SCENE section, we recommended the iSpin Toolkit app. Jacey herself has and uses this app regularly and has never had a problem, but a few of you have written to us to say that you purchased it and now it’s not working. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you contact the designer, If you don’t get a response that satisfies you, we’d recommend disputing the charge with your credit card company.

We’re sorry if we’ve caused any of you a hassle because of this recommendation. Unfortunately we couldn’t have foreseen this, but we regret any trouble it may have caused!

Twists and Turnings

women spinning on a spindleWe try to minimize the mistakes, but we do make them.  I make them.  I made one in the Worsted issue and I’m about to tell you about it.  See that pretty picture to your left, the one where I try to make it look like I’m spinning as fine as the fine Jessie Driscoll?  Well, when I listed in on the Independent Spinner page, I didn’t give the correct information. This spindle was made by Twists and Turnings and the correct URL is  I’m really sorry about that, it’s a gorgeous spindle and Sari and Ron are super nice.

In other news, the magazine is making a slow trip of it this issue.  I’m not sure why the holiday mail is worse this year than last, but it seems to be.  They all went out in mid-December so you should see your copy soon if you haven’t yet. I wish I could make your mail carrier come faster but they don’t give me that sort of power.  I did just hear that it finally crossed the border into Canada!




We made a mistake in Twist

We are sad to announce (here and on the Twist issue’s extra page) that we made a mistake. A big mistake.  Through no fault of the author, in the issue about twist, in the photos in article about measuring twist angle —  we totally did it wrong.


See, you’re supposed to line your yarn up with 0 (zero) degrees. As you can see in the magazine on the paper twist guide behind the purple one, 0 (zero) degrees is often in the middle of the twist guide. But not always.  On this purple one, it’s the horizontal line at the bottom.  And that’s where our trouble began.


Yep, we lined up our yarn with the mid-line. In this case, the midline is 90 degrees!  Not 0 (zero)! Which made the twist angle we reported INSANE! Seriously, a 75 degree angle of twist – that’d be something wouldn’t it?  Fishing line socks, anyone — they exfoliate and never wear out!


Above is how, for this particular twist gauge, we should have aligned the yarn, along the bottom, like a yarny horizon.  But we didn’t do it that way and we’re very very sorry.