Desert Island Spinning: 3 Small Tools

If you were stranded and limited to only three small spinning tools, what would you choose?

What are the tools you can’t live without, at least this week?

I have never grown out of playing ‘what if’ games. It’s just fun and I always want to know what other people would choose.

I will add the caveat that you already have your favorite spinning wheel and all of the fiber you could want. And don’t choose books, we’ll do that one on a different day.



Here are mine:

  • oil – to keep my wheel happy and humming along.
  • a solar powered scale –  for measuring weight and grist. I can measure inches and yards with parts of my body, so I don’t need a wpi measure or yardage counter.
  • tags – to remember all the yarn and fiber details for me. I have to write everything down.

Your turn, if you were limited to just three small spinning tools what would you choose?

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  1. Dorothea
    Dorothea says:

    Jillian, What a fun game! Not oil,(if I am on a dessert island I can get some from the coconuts), a niddy noddy and a Lazy Kate can be cobbled from drift wood….so I think my ipad so I can listen to books or music while I spin (this is fantasy so of course it will never run out of juice!) one of my Spanish Peacock spindles (of course choosing which one will be heartbreaking) because sometimes a girl just needs to drop spin, and some knitting needles – cause if I had all that yarn and couldn’t do anything with it I might go a bit mad. Thanks for letting us play!!!


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