PLY Autumn 2021 Consistency Mood Board

Consistency is something most spinners strive for in their yarn, but how do you find that spinning sweet spot over short and long spins? Share your secrets to spinning a consistent yarn. Is it in the fiber, in the preparation, in the draft or ply? Can you be consistent in a woolen prep and draft? And if so, how?

Tell us how you learned to be consistent in your dyeing, prepping, spinning.

Do you think consistency is necessary all the time?

We all make mistakes, so what can spinners do to smooth out inconsistent spins, plies, dyes, or preparations?

Dyers! How do you dye pounds of fiber that are a consistent color? Blending? What methods do you use to blend fibers and colors so they are the same from the first ounce to the last?

When you work with fleeces, are there breeds that are more consistent in crimp and lock structure? Are there ways to wash a fleece to help the locks stay in formation? How do you prep a fleece to give the most consistent spin?

What about staying consistent in different yarn structures, singles, cabled, chain, textured? What are your best tips for plying consistently?

Are there tools that help you stay consistent? Measurements that are essential to know you are on track?

What part does your wheel play in staying consistent? Are some styles of wheels better than others?

If you can help answer any of these questions or have a good idea for an article, please let us know! If you’ve got an idea for a fantastic project, let us know that too! Whether it’s your first time proposing an article or your 100th, we want to hear from you!

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