Call for Proposals: Winter 2021 issue on Head and Hands

The end of the year in the Northern hemisphere means winter and lots of accessories to keep warm. Projects that keep your head and hands warm are some of the most satisfying projects to spin. They are reasonably sized, and the sky is the limit as far as the yarn you spin.

What are your favorite yarns for hats, mittens, and gloves to keep you cozy from the first snap of cool through seriously cold and why? How do you spin a durable yarn for mittens or gloves that will last a season or more of dog walking in the cold mornings? Do you ski or sled? What fibers, yarns, and garments deal best with cold and wet?

Head, hands, and heart, what do you keep in mind when spinning and knitting to keep your family warm? Show us how you recreate historic mittens or gloves. Do you have any traditional knitting in your family tree? Tell us the story.

Small projects are a great way to sample brand-new-to-you yarns; tell us how you do it. Or maybe you use a small project like a hat as the sample and swatch for a bigger project? Share your process! Small accessories are wonderful for special yarns, yarns that might be too fragile (or expensive) for a whole sweater. What is the most luxurious yarn you would make a hat out of?

Not all hats, mitts, and gloves are about keeping warm; there are plenty of times you wear them for style – they are great for showing off yarns. What yarns are great to show off color, color, color? Have you even knit gloves in a wild color combo that you’d never use anywhere else? What is the best yarn structure for different types of colorwork? Fair Isle, intarsia, multi-color brioche, or slip stitch?

Quick but never boring, what’s your favorite yarn for heads and hands? Accessories beg to be embellished; how do you spin to embroider on your handspun projects?

Submit your ideas here

Proposals of articles and projects are due by December 1, 2020. We’ll get back to you in January, and final pieces are due June 1, 2021.