Ask Jacey: Are 3D Printed Bobbins Better?

words by: Jacey Boggs Faulkner

Ask Jacey:  

“When I bought each of my three wheels, I stocked up on the wooden bobbins made by the manufacturers. Five to eight bobbins per wheel. I keep seeing these new plastic 3D printed bobbins being used in videos and in magazine spreads. Are they better and why? Is it worth purchasing all new bobbins?”  – Michelle O.

Jacey’s answer:

First, how wonderful and lucky that you have three wheels. Second, don’t worry, all your wooden bobbins are just as useful as they’ve ever been! You absolutely do not need to (and probably shouldn’t) purchase all new bobbins. Some companies, such as Akerworks, have tapped into spinners’ love of all things colorful, fun, and useful, and I admit we couldn’t resist adding a few to the PLY bobbin collection. They work great for photoshoots because Bernadette and I haul all of our gear, samples, wheels, and tools with us, and 3D bobbins save a little space by breaking apart and packing flat. 


With us using them in the magazine and social media’s ever-present focus on pretty, I know it can seem like they are absolutely everywhere. However, the wooden bobbins made by your wheelmaker are the perfect bobbins for you wheel. Why? Because they work wonderfully and because you already have them! However, if you’re in the market for something bright and light or just want bobbins that take up less room in your spinning basket/bag/studio, consider adding one or two to your collection.

This text was originally published in PLY’s September 2023 newsletter.  Have a question for Jacey?  She’d love to hear from you – ask her here: Ask Jacey

woman posing in a knitted scarfJacey Boggs Faulkner is the woman behind PLY Magazine but mostly she just loves spinning and teaching spinning. She also loves salted dark chocolate.

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