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How to run a magazine pt. 3

And now it’s time for another “what Jacey doing this week” post.  I hope you don’t get tired of reading these.  I was just telling Jillian this morning, at the board meeting, that writing them is pretty helpful to me.  Almost like a huge data dump of everything I have to do for the week, […]

Reprinting Color and Woolen!

If you’re one of the PLY readers that missed out on issue #2 and #3 (Color and Woolen), guess what?  We are reprinting!  However, since we are a small operation, we don’t have green enough just sitting around, so we’re going to have to do what we did for the Summer 2013 (#1, first). Here’s […]

We have a winner!

Thanks everyone, for participating!  And after using this random number generator, we have a winner! Kimberly Burnett-Dean of the great state of Virginia (which I hear is for lovers).  I’ll be sending the fiber out to her this week.   Thanks to Anne Podlesak for the pattern and the Wooly Wonka Fibers  fiber.   Stay tuned […]

Spinzilla — Team PLY!

Spinzilla — there are a whopping 56 teams of awesomeness this year and we’re one of them! Each team is allowed 25 spinners and those spinners spin spin spin from Oct 6-11th. Then all the yardage is counted up and whichever team has more — wins!  Of course it does other things too, good things — […]

How we learn to make a magazine pt.1

Everybody that’s been with us from the beginning knows that we, collectively, knew nothing about running a magazine when this whole adventure started, right?  Nothing. The big ZERO (coincidentally, the same of stitches I’ve knit in the last month). I hadn’t the foggiest what made Amy Clark Moore and Linda Cortright so tired.  Now I do.  […]

PLY’s wishlist for photoshoots

You may have noticed that we try to do most of the photography in  house.  That’s not just because Bernadette has mad photo skills, but also because I really think it gives an issue a cohesive, beautiful feel.  Of course, there are always things we can’t shoot — photos about a location, about a person, […]

Maureen Burns, come on down!

Using a random number generator  and the comments on the last blog post, it turns out that luck was on the side of Maureen Brown tonight!  She’s our fiber winner!  Shipping out to her is 6 ounces of Spunky Eclectic’s Golddigger in merino/linen! Stay tuned, we have the fiber from Anne Podlesak’s Brighton top to give […]