PLY Vlog: July 2022

In this edition of the PLY Vlog…

Jacey and Jillian talk about the Goat and Mix issues of PLY. Jacey spills Goat Drama, in which we learn that you should never try to work with goats in the world of magazine photography, because they will absolutely cause chaos wherever they go. She also reveals some recent Goat Drama in relation to Mohair and crimp (fun fact alert!). Jacey also demos the strength of plied yarns.

Jillian demos the EEW Yarn Counter (she’s a little obsessed) and talks about the back issues available and her current mission to index the magazine.

There is a Loft Issue preview, and chat about some great PLY Away changes.

Did you know that both Jacey and Jillian have spinning Patreons?

Watch the vlog and join in on the fun!

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