LeClerc Cendrel Give-a-way!

It’s that time of issue again, the time when I have something fantastic to give away.  Are you ready?  This is a big one.  A super cool one.  One I really want to keep.  REALLY WANT TO KEEP!

You’ve read the smart and sassy Amy Tyler’s article and project in the worsted issue — holiday inkle band,  right?  Well I’ve never woven on an inkle loom but her project was so cute and she made the loom — the LeClerc Cendrel floor inkle loom — sound pretty darn nice.  I thought you might think the same thing.  The people at LeClerc thought you might think so too.  So we’ve got a brand new one just for you!  Well, just for one of you.  Want it?  All you’ve got to do is leave a review of the worsted issue  on the worsted issue page!  Don’t leave your review here (unless you want to copy and paste it here, make sure you leave it on the worsted issue page!

On Feb 4th I’ll post the randomly chosen winner from all the reviews!


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  1. lydia lindsey
    lydia lindsey says:

    This was my first ply! Let me tell you I’m reading every page. After two articles I went on line and purchased four back issues. I will be getting the last two when I replenish my funds. What a great learning tool.Thank you. Love the photos, girls in my office asked if the Wensleydale walk around blowing the hair out their eyes. Thanks again Lydia

  2. Robyn Tanchum
    Robyn Tanchum says:

    I did a little happy dance when my Worsted issue of PLY arrived in the mail; worsted is my hands down most favorite way to spin, specifically a lovely controlled long draw from silky roving. Love those smooth, glossy, strong yarns that show off my dyes so beautifully. As always, this issue was just chock full of all sorts of wonderful and informative articles. As all my copies of PLY do, this issue lives on my bedside table where it is the first read of the day and the last at night. Worsted is so great for inkle weaving as it is warp faced and shows off all the finest points of a good worsted spin. I would L O V E to win this inkle loom!!!!!

  3. Beck
    Beck says:

    Worsted? More like bested!
    I opened my Woolen issue alongside of the Worsted issue during our break here to get down to some serious spinning. I love the clear photos of techniques that help convey exactly whats happening. I’m finally starting to get the hand of controlling my fiber to get a longer draw. I’m finally screwing up my courage to try spinning from the fold as well! The Franklin Habit cartoon was absolutely on point this issue too! I appreciate how judgement free the articles are as well about what makes a “true” worsted yarn. Excellent, excellent reference!

  4. Alison
    Alison says:

    I look forward to being able to review this issue when it arrives in Australia. They have all been very educational as well as entertaining so far and I expect this one will be too.


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