A longwool stole

Leicester Longwool Give-a-way

One of my favorite projects in any PLY is the Pacific Trillium Stole by Melinda VerMeer. I love the drape of the Leicester Longwool, the running lace stitches throughout the length and the gentle lace edgings. I like that it’s so wide and so long. It feels substantial and delicate at the same time. The color is also perfect, a silvery purple dyed to perfection by Solitude Wool. If you don’t know Solitude Wool, check them out. As spinners, any time we can get breed-specific fiber is a good time. Clun forest, Karakul, Jacob, Tunis, Leicesters, Romney…it’s all there. Did I mention they have black Karakul? I want somebody to make something fantastic out of the black Karakul!

I also want somebody to make the Pacific Trillium Stole and I want to give you the fiber to do it! I have the same silvery-purple Leicester Longwool from Solitude Wool that we used in the Leicester issue and I’m giving it away. Leave a review of the Leicester issue of PLY Magazine here (on the Leicester page under the review tab) and on April 17th I’ll randomly pick the winner from everyone that left a review!

*don’t leave your review here in the comments, go here to do it!

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  1. Kat
    Kat says:

    i learned so much in this issue. It was such a great issue for what I like to spin! Jillian’s article spurred me to buy some Border Leiceater to try it!

  2. Millie Judd
    Millie Judd says:

    Darn I just bought my subscription a couple weeks ago and haven’t seen that issue! I’m sure if I had seen it I would have loved it!

  3. Terra Dionne
    Terra Dionne says:

    what a great birthday present to receive ply magazine in the mail!
    I will be sending the day with coffee and ply Leicester

  4. Jane
    Jane says:

    I have every issue of Ply and the Leicester issue did not disappoint. I enjoyed the articles about the Leicester sheep breed! Loved the patterns too! Great issue and as usual full of great information.

  5. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    The quality of PLY magazine is amazing. From the paper it’s printed on to the photographs…even the advertisements are beautiful things! This issue included information about the Leicester Longwools which delighted me as BFL is a joy to spin, and it’s time for me to explore Border Leicester’s delights.
    Thank you for another dazzling issue. You inspire me to spin!

  6. Karrie
    Karrie says:

    I’m kind of mad at you Jacey, I recently subscribed to an art magazine and when it arrived all I could do was compare it to PLY. I kept thinking PLY doesn’t have this many ads!! There where pages of ads before I got near an article. Because of you many other magazines now suck!


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