A PLY-ing Giveaway!



We have a winner! Chris P check your email!


Woo-hoo it’s a fiber giveaway!

My article about plying with color in the new issue of PLY was so much fun to write! My favorite part was spinning and knitting the samples, there are so many options it’s hard to stop.

I know when I read an article that gets me excited to spin, I want to do exactly what the author did, maybe with some tweaks of my own.

Thanks to Scarlet at Huckleberry Knits, one of you will be able to spin along with my article. She gave me a bundle of 5, 2-ounce braids of Targhee/silk , in the exact colors I used for the article for a giveaway!

What do you need to do to win? Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about PLY Magazine, before midnight EST, Tuesday December 20th, 2016. I’ll use a random number generator to pick our one winner.

Don’t forget a PLY subscription or renewal makes a great gift for your favorite spinner, even if that favorite spinner is you!






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  1. Caitlin Doran
    Caitlin Doran says:

    My favorite thing about Ply: I really feel that it’s a reference work, not just a periodical. I will keep these magazines for years and refer back to them just as I would a Principles of Knitting or something similar.

  2. Word Lily
    Word Lily says:

    Reading Ply feels more like reading a book thank reading a magazine; when I finish I always want to head to my reading spreadsheet, mark it down in the nonfiction column, and then shelve it next to previous issues for future reference.

  3. Becca H Roy
    Becca H Roy says:

    My favourite things about PLY are the depth of each issue, focusing on a topic, and the variety of writers and contributors.

  4. Mardi G
    Mardi G says:

    Well, I have to be honest, I just found PLY on the internet and couldn’t wait to subscribe. Only bummer, I have to wait to March for my first issue. Can’t wait

  5. Jaya Srikrishnan
    Jaya Srikrishnan says:

    I love the fact that I can pick one up and read it and become totally absorbed in the theme. When I re-emerge, sometimes I have ideas I want to try and at other times, I know that is not for me. For example after reading the Texture issue, I was uninterested in spinning boucle yarns. But I always know more than when I dived in. Re-reading only brings more information to the surface. And who knows, some day I will read the boucle article and think “I need to try that”. It can happen.

  6. Alison L
    Alison L says:

    I love PLY because it takes spinner seriously, at the same time that it celebrates how fun spinning is! It’s art + science, which = amazing!

  7. Gina Shillitani
    Gina Shillitani says:

    I agree with Caitlin and Becca, and I like that the authors of the articles are “real”, if that makes sense. The content is amazing, and the magazine is not overrun with advertising. It’s the only magazine I subscribe to!

  8. Carol Ann Miller
    Carol Ann Miller says:

    I await each issue with baited breath. Ply is my encyclopedia! Just love what Huckleberry did with Targhee and Silk, my would I love to get my hands on those!

  9. Jude
    Jude says:

    I love that a whole issue is concentrated on one topic, but in bites I can take in a little at a time. I’ve read each issue over and over and have learned and clarified so many things. I am so happy I’ve been in from the start. I have a nice little reference library, thanks to Ply!

  10. Susan Mohr
    Susan Mohr says:

    I love how well it’s put together, beautiful photography, and themes. I like getting different ideas and points of view in one place! This issue is timely for me right now as I’m re-thinking how I do some of my plying.

  11. Kate Brinks
    Kate Brinks says:

    I love PLY because it widens my understanding of something I love. It makes skills I thought I would never be able to learn easier. And there’s always so much information!

  12. kathy sparks
    kathy sparks says:

    what do I love about Ply….well let me see……..I have been a spinner since 1980 and have done quite a bit of exploration into color, fibers and techniques. But Ply, since it hit the shelves, has really inspired me to go beyond what I have in my toolbox and look and investigate all things…..whether it be a technique with a new approach or a fiber or color combo, that is just beyond amazing in its being…….THANKS for providing inspiration to us “oldies”

  13. Sally Vourlojianis
    Sally Vourlojianis says:

    My favorite(s):
    The fresh take on interesting issue topics.
    Christina Pappas
    Thanks to Huckleberry Knits for a generous give-away.

  14. Leta Fett
    Leta Fett says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is that there seems to be an article that fits whatever I’m wanting to know. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but eventually everything fits into my evolution as a spinner. It will be interesting to know what articles will be fantasticly rediscovered in the future!

  15. Ashley Crawford
    Ashley Crawford says:

    I love that PLY is a real reference guide with actual experts in the field of fiber arts who are all interested not in selling a product so much as they’re interested in sharing their knowledge. The material is always well-laid-out and accessible; the photographs beautiful, even stunning. It feels good to know that, unlike other publications this field, we’re not treated as “adorable hobbyists,” but serious artists who are gathering that information for our own personal practices.

  16. Vicki Robinson
    Vicki Robinson says:

    PLY really answers all those questions for me!
    Sometimes, I’m not sure just what to ask.
    Then, there are the araticles, and authors, and
    special offers! *Sigh*

  17. Leann
    Leann says:

    I am looking forward to January. The holidays will be over, it’s too cold to be outside. I’ll grab a great braid of fiber and your new issue and spin all my stress away. Thanks for reminding me to take time for me.

  18. Jill Dahle
    Jill Dahle says:

    I really love that Ply has whole issues about a single topic. I teach spinning and love how Ply has detailed information that I can better answer questions that my students ask. The photography is great! I can see the
    handspun yarns and equipment close up.

  19. Lisa Loftis
    Lisa Loftis says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is that it isn’t just a magazine, it’s a very specific spinning reference every issue. The layouts, high quality paper and exceptional articles made me a fan from issue #1!

  20. Tammy Inman
    Tammy Inman says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is everything. Being a semi new spinner I have a lot to learn and Ply is helping me with that. I also enjoy the reviews, articles and yes even the advertisements. Like I said I love everything about Ply

  21. Rona Betts
    Rona Betts says:

    Of all the magazines on spinning I’ve read over the years PLY is the one magazine I cannot put down until I have read every article. It is one of the few in-depth magazines that concentrates on what spinners want to know, not just a gloss story but a real article aimed at “teaching” and “information”. Each magazine concentrates on a certain element of spinning so when you want to go back for reference you only have to look at the name on the cover–Brilliant!

  22. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I don’t have a subscription to Ply…yet. It’s on my Christmas list (fingers crossed). I loved that I was fortunate enough to have attended Ply away last year and have my classes for this year!!

  23. Greta
    Greta says:

    Favorite thing about Ply – SO much information! I’ve loved articles on things I will probably never spin because the info will be helpful in other projects.

  24. Ann Durham
    Ann Durham says:

    I like the fact that each issue has a specific focus (even if I’m not particularly interested now, perhaps I will be later). The articles by Christine Pappas remind us that we are carrying on a looooong tradition, and the ergonomics articles keep us from damaging ourselves.

    I really enjoyed the plying issue. I’ve been patting myself on the back because I just made a nice bouncy yarn out of a yak/silk blend (not noted for bounce). A cable ply did it!

  25. Barb
    Barb says:

    PLY is my favorite subscription….. I read a few pages at a time, to make it last !!!!! The articles are so informative, and help me so much. The colors of the Huckleberry fiber are Fantastic !!!!!!
    What a great opportunity to win !!!!!

  26. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Ply kerps me connected to other spinners. It inspires me to kerp spinning, even though life and work keep pushing me away. The articles ste rich with kniwledge, fun. and the pitures awesome! Hopefully dome day Iveill get to KC! Thanks Ply Team!

  27. Catspaw
    Catspaw says:

    I love the innovation while maintaining good technique. Its also wonderful to see so many younger people, both men and women, learning and promoting spinning and all the fiber arts.

  28. Christina Stopka
    Christina Stopka says:

    My favorite thing is how each issue concentrates on a single topic. As a newish spinner it has really helped me not only with the basics but moving beyond them as well

  29. Sandy Chandler Marcum
    Sandy Chandler Marcum says:

    I enjoy EVERYTHING about Ply magazine: its content featuring in-depth study on one particular topic yet with enough other content to keep the reader interested even if the main topic isn’t a favorite; beautiful photography worthy of a standalone coffee table book; Jacey Boggs, an inspiration to many spinners way before Ply Magazine shares her expertise and enthusiasm without making the magazine about HER, as other experts are liberally included. It is a treasure!

  30. Kris
    Kris says:

    Incredible articles, beautiful pictures, and the fact that the articles are so well written that I can, even in the wilds, learn and improve and refine my techniques, and learn absolutely new ones well!

  31. Staci Lockman
    Staci Lockman says:

    Ply is a beautiful treasure of a magazine. I love that it is themed and goes in depth with each topic. Especially enjoyed the latest issue on plying!

  32. Angela Radzyuk
    Angela Radzyuk says:

    What’s not to love about PLY! MY favorite thing to date, (it changes with the season) is the advertising, the fact that it’s low quantity, but fantastic quality. I like discovering new businesses and revisiting the old. It’s been a while since I’ve spun…it’s great to be back!

  33. Susan Smart
    Susan Smart says:

    I really like the physical quality of the magazine. I now only buy magazines that I intend to keep as references, so I want something that will hold up well.

  34. Lisa S
    Lisa S says:

    Not only is PLY beautiful, it is full of information for the newer spinner (me). It is also full of information I am not yet ready for, but my PLY library will be there to refer to as I grow. The latest issue is very timely for my as I am currently plying a new batch of yarn!

  35. Lynda Williams Minter
    Lynda Williams Minter says:

    A stunning magazine, and about spinning! I first found it in Victoria BC. I quickly subscribed and now just love it. The photos alone are so inspiring, and the latest on “plying” is a gem.
    Bravo and keep it coming.

  36. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    What’s not to like. It’s the only magazine I read cover to cover. I get absolutely nothing done when it shows up in my mailbox until I’m done reading. Ordered all the back issues and read most at least twice.

  37. Caroline Morse
    Caroline Morse says:

    My favorite thing about Ply magazine is the quality of the magazine, from the articles to the photography to the paper. I also love the one-subject-per-issue focus. Very happy subscriber, and I love to lend out my issues to others who may be interested!

  38. Amy in TX
    Amy in TX says:

    As a fairly inexperienced spinner I consider PLY a spinning textbook. Plus, the photography is so gorgeous it’s a real treat to look at. PLY is my favorite magazine ever.

  39. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    My favorite thing about Ply magazine is all the information that helps me be a better spinner, without all the advertisements that just leave me frustrated! I had to give up spinning for awhile so I haven’t got the latest issues, but I’m excited now that I’ve bought another spinning wheel and can get back into it! Time to look at re-subscribing!

  40. Lauri Troutman
    Lauri Troutman says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is that it gives me the knowledge and permission to explore with a variety of fibers and tools. It is a wonderful reference guide.

  41. Liz Pease
    Liz Pease says:

    My favorite thing about PLY? it is the only magazine that I read cover to cover the second I get my copy in the mail! I re-read each issue and STILL learn so much from it. Best spinning/fiber/prep reference EVAH!!!

  42. Meagan C
    Meagan C says:

    I love many thing about PLY magazine, but I love most the scientific approach of many of the articles. The articles aren’t just informative. Some of them explore fiber arts in a way that is groundbreaking.

  43. Jessica Sewell
    Jessica Sewell says:

    Every issue is a thoughtful, funny, provocative book of ideas and techniques on a theme. I even paid international shipping so I could keep reading it while I lived in China

  44. Chris F-F in PA
    Chris F-F in PA says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is each issue goes into great depth on the month’s subject; readers cannot help but learn from every article in each issue. It s a very readable textbook with beautiful photography on high quality paper. Definitely a keeper magazine.

  45. Deana Baker
    Deana Baker says:

    This issue came at the right time. I’ve never really been all that good at plying. I have learned a lot for reading this issue from cover to cover.

  46. Fede
    Fede says:

    I have learned so much from Ply! The articles and explanations are so clear. I go back to them often.
    It is sad that I cannot get them in my country. I order back issues if I know I´m travelling to see my sons in Australia.

  47. Petra
    Petra says:

    PLY magazine inspires me to try new things. I like the depth and quality of articles. And I really appreciate not having to leaf through half of the magazine before I find some content.

  48. Nathalie S.
    Nathalie S. says:

    I read each Ply magazine from the front page to the back page at least once but often twice or three times. I learned so much. It came in my life right on time for me in my journey of learning to spin.

  49. Faye
    Faye says:

    PLY is such a great resource for the various topics. I find myself referencing back to the step-by-step processes. Kudos to Jacey and staff.

  50. Kellie
    Kellie says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite thing, but I particularly love the way it presents many different approaches to a given yarn, speaking to a variety of spinners with different styles of making and learning.

  51. Susan Upson
    Susan Upson says:

    PLY is, by far, the best spinning periodical EVER! I have every copy since your first edition. It is a most excellent and inspiring reference collection. My work is better because of it.

  52. Tina Sanders
    Tina Sanders says:

    PLY is simply “awesome”! It’s like having a condensed library of knowledge on my bookshelf and one I can refer to as often as I want.

  53. Danielley
    Danielley says:

    I love that each issue takes me weeks/months to digest, so it doesn’t feel like one of those magazines you quickly peruse and toss aside! And I keep going back to articles later, or mentally bookmark them for future use.

  54. Laura Clegg
    Laura Clegg says:

    Best thing about PLY is making sure that spinners get actual information not just fluff (pun intended). There are things to learn to make you a better spinner and more knowledgeable about the fibers, prep and the why it works the way it does. Scarlet stuff is amazing. Anyone would be lucky to win

  55. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I love the breadth and depth of the articles, everything you might expect on the given topic, but also anthropological and ergonomic information. Plus, as a scientist, I love the articles where the accepted spinning wisdom is tested and challenged. Plus the woollen issue talked me through my first long-draw which was awesome

  56. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I love how in depth each magazine covers a topic. I feel I truly have a much better understanding once I’ve reached the end about the process. And I just learn things.

  57. martha donley
    martha donley says:

    There is not much if anything that I don’t love about Ply. I read it front to back, and I always learn something new,and how much I didn’t know before. They are like having your own reference library that continues to grow. I am cutting back on my magazine subscriptions, but Ply is one that I hope to receive for a long time.

  58. Deana Gardner
    Deana Gardner says:

    I absolutely love Ply, I learn so many wonderful techniques and am inspired from every issue. The articles are clear and concise, the pictures are lovely, and I enjoy every issue!

  59. Lisa Rivage
    Lisa Rivage says:

    I just received my new issue of PLY (I am a new subscriber) and cannot believe how much information was packed into this issue!

  60. Angie
    Angie says:

    The first thing I do when I receive my copy of Ply is look at all the photographs. So that must be my favorite thing followed by the how tos and stories.

  61. Maggie Heilmann
    Maggie Heilmann says:

    Ply is my favorite magazine and I get 20. Read it cover to cover. Live the photography and the heavy paper. Just a gorgeous read on my favorite hobby.

  62. Megan
    Megan says:

    I love everything about ply, the articles the photos and the reviews of tools. I esspecially love that the articles are written by experts in spinning that are just regular folk who have a passion for the fibre arts. I love that I can relate to that.

  63. Julianna
    Julianna says:

    My fave thing is the themes. Getting to go really in-depth into a single topic and then have all of that info in one place as a reference is amazing!!

  64. grace
    grace says:

    I love it all but the best thing is when there is one topic and 3-4 people all give their two-cents worth. I found the Lazy-Kate discussions a lot of fun. My Majacraft has the built-in kate but I only use it as bobbin storage never as a kate for plying!

  65. Jeri
    Jeri says:

    My favorite thing is the depth of information in each article and issue. It’s so ‘meaty’. It’s the kind of magazine I read from cover to cover as soon as I get it, and then I go back and re-read it article by article depending on my interests at the time. Ironically, the article I’m currently digesting is the Jillian Moreno color article. It pairs perfectly with that section of your amazing book.

  66. Tara
    Tara says:

    I love so much about Ply magazine! I think my favorite thing is how you focus on one topic per issue and cover the depth and breadth of it. It makes it easier to reference something I read a while ago, and is almost like a spinning class every month!

  67. Heidi G
    Heidi G says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is finding out about this amazing publication and subscribing this month! I haven’t subscribed to anything else for a long time but I cannot WAIT to look through the pages to learn, admire, and get inspired!

  68. Goldie Harp
    Goldie Harp says:

    I love Ply Magazine. I read the magazine from front to back and then re-read the articles that caught my interest the first time through and then I re-read all the other articles. I save everyone, just so I can use them as a reference.

  69. Leslie Combs
    Leslie Combs says:

    What I enjoy most about Ply magazine is two fold: First, every issue revolves around one topic. Twist is my favorite issue thus far. Second, seasoned experts write articles and give great advise. What more could we ask for?

  70. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I love the project ideas and patterns in each issue. I also love that they include weaving and crochet as well as knitting. ALSO! I was absolutely stoked to see tatting on the cover last year(?). It made me want to whip out my tatting needle. I did try shuttle tatting some handspun silk, but it was too nubbly for it.

  71. Jackie Cafera
    Jackie Cafera says:

    I am a novice spinner. Ply magazine had awesome articles that are clearly well written. I have improved my skills in direct proportion to the time I spend with Ply. What a treat you provide.

  72. Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson says:

    My favorite things about PLY are that the font makes it easy to read, and each issue feels like a gift that makes me want to drop everything and get to my wheel.

  73. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    My favorite thing about Ply Magazine is how in depth the articles are. Each issue explores different aspects of a theme, and even if I think that I’m not interested in the overall topic, I will find one (or more) article(s) that I read completely.

  74. Heike
    Heike says:

    I love those beautiful pictures inside. The articles are always so informative and you don’t really notice the advertisings because they blend in.

  75. Mélanie Letter
    Mélanie Letter says:

    My favorite thing about Ply magazine is the quantity of information in each one. As a new spinner I learn a lot each time.

  76. Mary Heebink
    Mary Heebink says:

    I am a fairly inexperienced spinner. I have learned SO much from PLY! I am also an owner of a Hansen Mini-Spinner, I appreciate seeing you using one repeatedly.

  77. Bryony Garrod ( aka Dotty)
    Bryony Garrod ( aka Dotty) says:

    My favorite thing about Ply? It’s difficult to choose just one thing but if I really had to it’s the great way Ja single topic is covered in such great detail.

  78. Kathy Gifford
    Kathy Gifford says:

    Every issue of PLY contains a feast for the eyes. That’s what I devour first-before I even read a single word. I love to page through and just enjoy the amazing photographs. And, of course, the in-depth articles are packed with so much information. Each new issue helps me to expand my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the wonderful world of fiber and spinning. LOVE IT!!

  79. Maria
    Maria says:

    I have not enough time to make all possible mistakes and still produce some proper handspun yarn. In the PLY magazine I can read about many experiments and their outcomes, so I know what is worth trying and that there really are fundamental rules in spinning not to be broken 🙂

  80. Erin
    Erin says:

    Being a relatively new spinner, I love learning so much about one topic from each issue. As a photographer, the photos are stunning!

  81. Laurie Walton
    Laurie Walton says:

    Each issue has been so inspiring. As I read about cabled yarn I needed to begin now! (Still skeptical about boucle… eep!)

  82. C4G
    C4G says:

    I love the longer articles. Unlike some magazines, I don’t feel like they are geared towards new spinners (even though some articles are, but they don’t read like it, which is good! ) and in those other mags, the articles are so short they feel pretty useless. I also love the polished look and feel.

  83. Susan Golden
    Susan Golden says:

    Ply is the greatest! Eye candy along with valuable information. I’m so happy to have had a subscription since day one and will continue.

    Can’t wait to try boucle. And am very much looking forward to the referenced article about plying handprints.

  84. Marian
    Marian says:

    I love the in depth articles, especially the archeological ones. I love learning about the history of fiber crafts and how they wrre used in everyday life.

  85. Debra C
    Debra C says:

    There are so many worthy reasons to love PLY, but my favorite thing is the size and feel of it in my hands. It’s the last actual magazine I get in print. It’s substantial in every way!

  86. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    whats not to love. I am really enjoying that each issue is a subject. I wasn’t sure I would like this and what a nice surprise that I do. It’s makes these not just magazines but encyclopedias. Keep up the good work!

  87. Juliette Loring
    Juliette Loring says:

    Faves are: articles written to be educational, the pictures, paper quality and thematic issues for in depth information.

  88. Catharina
    Catharina says:

    There are just so many things it’s hard to pick just one. I love how Ply teaches and inspires me. There are so many wonderful things to discover and Ply brings them right to my doorstep.

  89. Rebekah Ross
    Rebekah Ross says:

    I just received my fist copy this week!
    I love all the different techniques it teaches and I can’t wait to try them out.

  90. Elizabeth Gardner
    Elizabeth Gardner says:

    I love that nothing in Ply is a throwaway. No “We have to fill this page; do we have a disposable puff piece?” Every page is valuable information or beauty.

  91. Donna Rudd
    Donna Rudd says:

    I enjoy PLY magazine for its technically correct articles, great photos and articles that relate to the history of spinning. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Well done.

  92. Jessie Brannan
    Jessie Brannan says:

    I love how each issue is specialized, makes it so easy to find the information I’m looking for. I love the quality; from the content to the pictures to the feel. I just think it will be a resource that I can continually turn to when I have a question.

  93. Anne K
    Anne K says:

    I really love that every issue is a single topic. Biggest gripe I’ve had with the very very VERY few magazine subscriptions I get is that most of the time there is only one or two articles about a subject I’m curious about and they are almost invariably the shortest articles in the entire magazine. With PLY that isn’t a problem and even the things that I’m not as interested in end up being so interesting that I want to read everything and try out the techniques discussed.

  94. Donna Carty
    Donna Carty says:

    I’ve always, and I do mean always, been fascinated by fiber and I delight in learning a new skill or just new facts about any aspect of working with it. I love that, at 66, there is still more to learn, and PLY is a constant supply.

  95. Jodi
    Jodi says:

    Not only do I actually learn interesting things, it makes certain aspects of spinning more approachable! I always keep my issues as I consider them valuable resources.

  96. Allison Blokland
    Allison Blokland says:

    I love how Ply magazine is unapologetic with how technical the articles can be. I enjoy how much I am learning from every issue, and the detail makes me realize how complex my new hobby can be.

  97. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    I feel like Ply, more than anything else is giving spinners a shared language and encouraging dialogue. We know better how to describe what we’re doing and the more we have that, the more we talk wool!

    Also the gorgeous photography and inspiring articles.

  98. Autumn Hiscock
    Autumn Hiscock says:

    My favourite thing about Ply is how the entire issue focuses on one topic, but people approach different aspects of that topic so it still feels varied. And I very much appreciate that authors are allowed to contradict each other; it demonstrates the inclusivity of the spinning world, and that we are allowed to experiment to find our own “right” way. A close second is the gorgeous, gorgeous photography and colour in each issue. It’s a work of art.

  99. BeverlyL
    BeverlyL says:

    I love the variety of information. Even when a theme isn’t quite to my current interests, there’s something in there to learn that applies to my spinning journey. And then, when your interests change, you have a marvelous resource to go back and read again.

  100. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Ply is spinning porn. The photos are always beautiful and it never fails to inspire me to try something new and just keep spinning!

  101. Kathy Harry
    Kathy Harry says:

    The quality of the articles that I really care about! They are smart and informative and even if it’s something I may not want to spin, I enjoy learning about it.

    I also love the quality of the paper. It’s truly a book to keep.

  102. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    My favorite thing about Ply: as a beginning spinner, I find something to try right away, something to aspire to, and so much to admire in every issue!

  103. Kara
    Kara says:

    My favourite thing about Ply? Do I have to choose just one? If it’s just one, then it would be the way my shelf is now a spinning encyclopedia. The themed issues are perfect, because it’s so easy to find the exact topic with many articles to gather information from.
    Best spinning magazine ever! 😉

  104. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Clear photography and detailed articles make PLY so practical for learning and improving upon my spinning. It feels like Christmas each time I receive my PLY!

  105. Kathy Ryan
    Kathy Ryan says:

    I love how Ply takes a subject and goes in depth with it, both from experts points of view as well as from those of laypeople. It is easy to read, has beautiful photos and is my all-time favourite spinning magazine. I love it!!

  106. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    My favorite thing about PLY is that I don’t have it! Hoping to change that this year as I just bought my first spinning wheel.

  107. Cassie Paredes
    Cassie Paredes says:

    Ply, for me, isn’t a magazine. It’s more like a paperback book. It allows me to see how others do things, inspires me to plan out new projects of my own, and solidifies concepts/techniques that I might have know but wasn’t sure were “right”. It’s an invaluable resource to me that makes the fiber community much larger than it can feel at times.

  108. Renee Como
    Renee Como says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is the sense of community. I am inspired and gain all kinds of technical wisdom, but ultimately my favorite thing is that when I open Ply I feel like I’m sitting down with a bunch of good friends sharing ideas, opinions, techniques, patterns, and stories. Wonderful!

  109. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    The reason I recently picked up my first copy of Pky is because f all the technical info and tips. Magazines sharing stories are great but I can actually ap-Ply what I read in Ply immediately to my practice 🙂

  110. Helen Atkins
    Helen Atkins says:

    The content is the best – the current issue is amazing! And as someone who works in publishing (scholarly journals), I love the production values of the magazine – the weight of the paper, great color, photography, typography, creative page composition, etc…

  111. Susan
    Susan says:

    one thing I love about Ply is difficult to choose. its either either the in-depth treatment of each topic or the ‘ad control’

  112. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I love the idea of focusing on one subject per issue. So much information and ideas to refer to over and over. I know which issue to pick up, easily referenced . I am learning so much!

  113. Betty Cook
    Betty Cook says:

    Inspiration! Instruction and great photos really help me. I’m a novice and am so glad I found this magazine. I’m having so much fun trying new techniques and experimenting with colors and different fibers.

  114. Janelle
    Janelle says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing about PLY magazine… but the reason I have every single issue is that I LEARN something from every single issue, and learning inspires me to keep growing as a spinner.

  115. Kate
    Kate says:

    I love that Ply magazine is independent and collaborative, that it comes from the grass roots and is fresh and original. That’s a lot to love even before you get to the articles and patterns!

  116. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    My favourite thing about PLY is the quality of the articles and photos. It is packed with information and can be read over and over again.

  117. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I love getting my issue of Ply magazine each month. It’s chock full of information and i especially like that there is a single focus for each issue.

  118. Sylvie
    Sylvie says:

    I like that Ply doesn’t shy away from complexity – while simple and easy have a place, it’s nice to have more than just that.

  119. Elaine Watkins
    Elaine Watkins says:

    I like Ply because I can go straight to the subject I want to learn and it is all in the one issue. I don’t have to search issue after issue to find the information I want/need.

  120. Rose H
    Rose H says:

    My favorite thing about Ply is the inspiration. So many things and techniques I’d never thought I’d want to try or that I could do but after reading an article I want to and I feel inspired to try.

  121. Janet Ruggles-Power
    Janet Ruggles-Power says:

    Just got my issue this week! I am keeping it as a reference, like some of my weaving and knitting books.

    Thank you!

  122. Chris Pegler
    Chris Pegler says:

    I like the different ‘takes’ on a single topic, reading through it builds my understanding in layers (or maybe plys?) some theory, some fun, some practical and projects each offering a different view and styles of writing. I tend to buy books to build by spinning reference library but I do like how each PLY ‘book’ as it offers such multifaceted coverage. Depth and breadth. Great work.

  123. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    I have to choose just one?!
    How about this: The beautifully photographed single subject issues which each provide a varied and in-depth look at one particular aspect of this wonderful craft that has me in its spell.

  124. Barbara Pampel
    Barbara Pampel says:

    I also just learned about this magazine through a Craftsy class I am taking from Jayce Boggs Faulkner and it sounds just excellent. I got SO much out of that class and now need to practice, practice, practice. Thanks for this opportunity. It sounds like a periodical I cannot live without.

  125. Mary Henze
    Mary Henze says:

    The articles, the information, the inspiration, history/physical therapy/patterns, and photographs that are so beautiful and detailed you can almost feel the fiber and so abundant and thoughtful you can learn a lot just by looking at them. I bought every back issue I could and keep every issue I get.

  126. Kris
    Kris says:

    I love that it is a real print magazine instead of digital content. Great quality paper and photographs. Makes it an indulgence!

  127. Judy Moore
    Judy Moore says:

    Ply makes me feel connected to the world. I love the light-hearted way the topics are explored and the encouragement to experiment and then own the results, good or not-quite-right. I confess I look at all the beautiful illustrations before I read a word. So stimulating.

  128. Eileen Miller
    Eileen Miller says:

    I love this magazine. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning. vary informative and I have learned a lot. I enjoyed the article on huckleberry fibers, I have been spinning it in there fiber club. wonderfull fiber love it, enjoyed reading the article.

  129. Selah
    Selah says:

    PLY offers an in depth conversation about individual topics. Some covered in a very analytical way, others in a more intuitive manner. And the photos are often more than informative…they are art.

  130. sue kent-stuard
    sue kent-stuard says:

    I am a subscriber and love how each quarter you receive a gorgeous magazine that focuses on one area of spinning. Very informative.

  131. Rachel HB
    Rachel HB says:

    I like the “single topic” focus of the issues. It allows such a breadth of knowledge to be presented, and makes it easy to reference back to an issue later on.

  132. Jaime Pierce
    Jaime Pierce says:

    I love Ply magazine – all of it! I always learn something new with each issue. The Plying issue was especially informative.

  133. Cindy Hornberger
    Cindy Hornberger says:

    I have been a spinner for 25 years and appreciate that PLY has rejuvenated us, both those new to the craft and those spinning for awhile. The journal has reinsured my creativity. Thank you.

  134. Susan Peterson
    Susan Peterson says:

    My favorite thing about PLY is summed up in one word – learning. No matter which issue I open or where in the issue I open to there is someone else to learn. The issue themes provide a strong framework for my learning experiences.

    Thank you PLY and all of your great education facilitators!


  135. Rachel C.
    Rachel C. says:

    Ply is very informative both on technique and history of the topic of each issue. I enjoy the historical aspects that are in the majority of the issues. Even with types of yarn that I know I would never spin/use the articles are interesting and informative.

  136. Rosemarie
    Rosemarie says:

    I just found out about Ply through Huckleberry Knits. What I love about Ply is that it exists!!! We need more fiber related material to help us improve in our fiber arts as well as the joy of connecting with other artists. I’m glad I found you, PLY!

  137. Rita
    Rita says:

    The best thing about Ply is it is about spinning! More spinning content (than some magazines) and little advertising, but enough. The focus may not be something I am interested in at that time, but who know in six months.

  138. Alicia A
    Alicia A says:

    The info is amazing. Topics I might not have sought out to find like details on who silk is made but always fascinating to read.

  139. Beth Vincelette
    Beth Vincelette says:

    I love that Ply is making me a better spinner by introducing me to fibers that I had not known about and techniques that I thought were beyond my skill level. Thank you for broadening my horizons!

  140. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I am a beginner.. And I find it very useful to learn technique, and terms… Plus be inspired constantly! It’s very positive and challenge worthy..


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