My Favorite Way to Get Spinning Done


Have you watched the Night Manager?

It seems like at the beginning of the new year every spinner I know has the goal of spinning more.

Me included! This year I want to spin 10 new-to-me-dyers and make 12 things for myself (some handspun some not).

I have a favorite trick to get myself to spin more, it works for me every time. I get hooked on a TV show.

More specifically, I get hooked on a TV show and only let myself watch it when I spin.


binge tvI am amazed how much I get done because I want to see that next episode (and the one after that).

I just finished watching The Crown (and yarn for a cowl, a hat and another 4 ounces of fiber spun) and I am just starting and am quite taken with Mozart in the Jungle (lots of swatching,yarn for another hat and I’m about to start some lace spinning).


How do you trick yourself into spinning more?



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  1. Katja
    Katja says:

    Audio books 🙂 When I took up spinning, I realised that something would have to give, and I didn’t want to reduce my reading time, so I joined Audible. It works really well, specifically for non-fiction which I wanted to read more of but found hard to include into my days.

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    I meet two goals at once–walking at least a mile (preferably 2) a day, and spinning daily. So . . . walking with a spindle. After you get the hang of it it’s not difficult and it’s very pleasant (I walk on a nature trail so I like to think that the squirrels and birds and the wind in the trees and the shifting light all find a way into my yarn.


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