Coronavirus Spindles

A few months ago in a spinning group on Ravelry, a spinner posted about how the image of the coronavirus might make a good spindle whorl, with the weight on the outside. She made one out of a wooden bead and wood screws. Inspired by this post, Jame A. (distaff on Ravelry), decided to make her own version out of polymer clay, wood toothpicks, and dowels. (“I chose to make the spindles with old polymer clay I had on hand as a reflection of the need to isolate and stay close to home. For me, spinning has been a comforting constant during the disruption of this pandemic.”) She says the spindles are a bit fragile and need more glue or something, but they are effective spindles. Here’s what Jame wrote on the forum post about creating her own version of a coronavirus spindle:

“For me, making a model of a virus and using it for a spindle serves a couple of purposes. One: the creative act helps provide a distraction from current events, and two: the fact that we know what the virus looks like represents all the scientific knowledge that is available about viruses and provides some comfort that the medical community will be able to come up with appropriate measures to alleviate the illness.

“There is also some bleak humor in watching a whole lot of people realize that the term ‘viral’ does not just apply to a cute meme becoming very popular. Going viral has real and serious consequences. ([The original poster] had expressed the thought that if others picked up on and spread the idea of making a coronavirus spindle, it would ‘go viral.’)”

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