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Spinners During Lockdown

Thanks so much, everyone, for sharing your experiences of spinning during lockdown. We’ve shared responses throughout the past few months in the newsletter and blog. Here’s the final collection of responses. “I have been spinning on my wheel to calm my mind if it was too frazzled to knit. I have also ordered fibre online […]

Review of Power Spinning (video) from Sarah Anderson

reviewed by Sukrita Mahon Electric spinning has been around for some decades now and is seeing a rise in popularity, particularly in the past ten years. Most spinners have their preferences based on their lifestyle, whether they opt for spindles, wheels, or e-spinners. The devices take up little space, can be reasonably affordable, and are […]

YouTube Channel and Submissions for SCENE

YouTube Channel Did you know that PLY has a YouTube channel? We’re posting videos from the vlog, the Ask Jacey column, and videos that go along with some of the articles in the magazine. Be sure to check out the two videos that go along with articles from the most recent Electric issue. Watch Amelia […]

Hacking Yarn Tools: How to DIY an Electronic Yarn Meter

photos and words by Carrie Sundra How much yarn is in this ball? How do I break up a skein into smaller consistent lengths? How can I wind a specific length of yarn off of this cone? Measuring yarn length is a seemingly simple task, until you try to do it, especially if you expect […]

South Iceland Woolweek

photos and information from Maja Siska Introducting the first ever South Iceland Woolweek – a mostly local and very authentic affair. With immunisations progressing nicely here in Iceland and borders open to people who are fully vaccinated or recovered, we have decided to hold our first South Iceland Woolweek this Oct. 3rd through 9th, 2021. […]