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Do you have or know about a new product, event, fiber, or tool you think the spinning community should know about? Tell us all about it here and we’ll share it on the blog or in the newsletter. Did you know we also have a monthly PLY newsletter? Sign up here! PLY Magazine believes that […]

Hacking Yarn Tools: How to Twist Skeins with a Power Drill

words and photos by Carrie Sundra Twisting skeins – it’s a deceptively tricky process which generally takes some practice to produce consistently tight and tidy results. Even so, I definitely encourage everyone who handles yarn to put the time into learning how to do this by hand. When you get it down, it can be […]

July Vlog with Jacey and Jillian

For this quarter’s vlog, Jacey and Jillian share their favorite parts of the Electric issue, including the story of the creation of the cover. Then Jillian spotlights the vendors who contributed fiber, wheels, or other items to this issue. Following the Electric theme, Jacey and Jillian take a spin on their new Hansen miniSpinner Pros; […]

Send Us Your Tips

We often spin yarns to cover the heads and hands of kinds, what is the best handspun for these high-wear but low-care projects? Blends, structures, fibers? Share your tip by going to our Tip Jar submission page. We share tips in every issue of PLY; these tips will for the Head and Hands Winter 2021 […]

3D-Printing Spinning Tools

words and photos by Sissel Brun Ellevseth When the Coronavirus cancelled our plans for summer vacation, I decided to invest the airfare refund in a 3D printer. The initial thought was to print fun stuff for the kids, useful things for the house, and bobbins for my EEW Nano and other tools for spinning and […]