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Dehairing Cashmere by Hand

Words & Photos by Meagan Condon If there is one thing I can say about librarians, it’s that they’re in the business of enabling people. Do you need the latest James Patterson novel? They’ve got you. How about an article from the July 24, 1972, issue of Time magazine? A librarian has your back. My […]

The World’s Oldest Pants

(Bet you didn’t see that headline coming …) A pair of 3000-year-old pants was found in western China’s Tarim Basin. The wool trousers were most likely worn by horse riders. Along with studying how they were made, a modern reproduction of these pants has also been created. Find out more about this archaeological find at and

Blending for Texture & Spinning Textured Batts

Words & Photos by Emily Wohlscheid I have been relegated to offering workshops primarily through virtual means over the past two years and have missed having a classroom full of equipment and students. I’m really looking forward to this year’s PLYAway Retreat where I will get to share my love of the drum carder and […]

Jacey’s Online Teaching Collection

Jacey’s new online classes are a success! So much that she’s created a Patreon to continue the fun! From Jacey: This Patreon is my project, my creative outlet, a way to continue to sustain my learning and sharing, and a way to connect with you more directly. The dream is that this patreon allows me to take a bit […]

We Want Your Tips!

The Tip Jar has been emptied, and it’s time to fill it with your best advice & insights about spinning! This time we’re collecting information for our Autumn 2023 issue, the Loft issue. Here’s the question: What is your best recipe for a lofty yarn? It can include fiber, prep, draft, finishing etc. What’s the […]