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And the winner is…

Christine Long Derks!  A brand new LeClerc Cendrel Inkle floor loom is all yours!  Email me and we’ll talk delivery!

LeClerc Cendrel Give-a-way!

It’s that time of issue again, the time when I have something fantastic to give away.  Are you ready?  This is a big one.  A super cool one.  One I really want to keep.  REALLY WANT TO KEEP! You’ve read the smart and sassy Amy Tyler’s article and project in the worsted issue — holiday […]

Buying Things

In the Ply Ravelry group in the thread about what people would like to see in Ply, there has a been a bit of discussion going on about the stealth reviews. Some people are happy with them, and some people would like to see more about the downsides of the products being reviewed. It’s a fine […]

Those New Year’s Resolutions

Holy moly, I hate New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ve kept making them for  years. I’ve made huge ones, tiny ones that should be easy to keep, lists of 100 things, on and on. I almost never keep them, even the fun ones. I run out time, I run out of fire, I run out of […]

Twists and Turnings

We try to minimize the mistakes, but we do make them.  I make them.  I made one in the Worsted issue and I’m about to tell you about it.  See that pretty picture to your left, the one where I try to make it look like I’m spinning as fine as the fine Jessie Driscoll? […]