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Spinzilla team roster: Christina Bowers

Name: Christina Spinning nickname: Rogue of Wool years spinning: 15 Location: Denver, CO on my bike or wheel or, you know, in bed sometimes. Spinning tool of choice for spinzilla: trusty old Ashford Traveller, for the gypsy girl Favorite weight of yarn: I prefer any weight depending on the style of yarn, but comfort knitting […]

Am I Write?

  In 2008 I wrote my first article that ever got published. It was for KnittySpin and it was about scouring and spinning Cormo. Not a bad article and I got some good feedback so I decided to carry on. I proposed articles for a couple of other spinning magazines, both in print and electronic. Some […]

Spinzilla team roster: Kat Christensen

Name: Kat Spinning nickname: AsKatKnits (and spins) years spinning: ohmigosh – since 2007! How time flies when you are having fun! Location: Pittsburgh PA Spinning tool of choice for spinzilla: Schacht Matchless Favorite weight of yarn: Light fingering, but always working towards my penultimate yarn weight, a lovely gossamer lace weight. Favorite fiber for fast […]

Spinzilla team roster: Lydia Martin

Spinzilla: PLY Magazine Team Roster — Lydia Martin Spinning nickname: Dream Catcher years spinning: One… and growing Location: Fort Collins Spinning tool of choice for spinzilla: Top Gun Soundtrack Favorite weight of yarn: The one that is lightest on my pocketbook Favorite fiber for fast spinning: Whatever is prepped into easy to grab rolags Favorite […]

How to run a magazine pt. 3

And now it’s time for another “what Jacey doing this week” post.  I hope you don’t get tired of reading these.  I was just telling Jillian this morning, at the board meeting, that writing them is pretty helpful to me.  Almost like a huge data dump of everything I have to do for the week, […]