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Reprinting Color and Woolen!

If you’re one of the PLY readers that missed out on issue #2 and #3 (Color and Woolen), guess what?  We are reprinting!  However, since we are a small operation, we don’t have green enough just sitting around, so we’re going to have to do what we did for the Summer 2013 (#1, first). Here’s […]

We have a winner!

Thanks everyone, for participating!  And after using this random number generator, we have a winner! Kimberly Burnett-Dean of the great state of Virginia (which I hear is for lovers).  I’ll be sending the fiber out to her this week.   Thanks to Anne Podlesak for the pattern and the Wooly Wonka Fibers  fiber.   Stay tuned […]

Learning to make a magazine pt.2

How about another  installment of learning to make a magazine? First to set the stage —  here’s where we are in the grand scheme of cycles and status: End of the Autumn 2014 cycle Middle of the Winter 2014 cycle Planning of the Summer 2015 cycle That sounds easy enough, right?  Let’s look closer, things […]

Sweater detail

Brighton top fiber give-a-way!

Man alive, did you just love Anne Podlesak’s new design in the Twist issue of PLY?  I adore it.  I also adore the woman that modeled it for us.  So wonderful.  We were just out shooting and out runs this woman with my book in hand asking me to sign it, saying she’d just taken […]

Spinzilla — Team PLY!

Spinzilla — there are a whopping 56 teams of awesomeness this year and we’re one of them! Each team is allowed 25 spinners and those spinners spin spin spin from Oct 6-11th. Then all the yardage is counted up and whichever team has more — wins!  Of course it does other things too, good things — […]