PLY is going digital!

You’ve been asking us for years, and we are so excited to be able to deliver what you want: digital issues of PLY!

Since this is new, we’re going to try to answer all the questions we can, so keep reading! (Be sure to make it to the end, because we’ve got a giveaway to announce, too!)

Why digital?

Some people really love the feel of a good magazine in their hands. They like to flip through the smooth, sturdy pages and feast their eyes on all the glossy glory of a print magazine.

Other people really prefer to take their magazines in digital format. They like being able to carry all their favorite issues on one device, and to store PLY without taking up any shelf space.

We like serving both kinds of people, so we’re offering digital issues to anyone who wants them! We also know that this will be really helpful to overseas spinners, who will now be able to subscribe to PLY or pick up individual issues without the hefty cost of international shipping.


How does it work?

The digital version of PLY will work just like the print version – you can subscribe and get each new issue as it comes out, or you can pick up individual issues that strike your fancy.

If you want to subscribe to the digital version of PLY, you can click here to check out our subscription page like you’ve always done; you’ll see the option to choose digital or print. When a new issue comes out, we’ll send all current digital subscribers a link to download the digital version using a special password.

For individual back issues, you’ll find the digital version right alongside the print versions, on this page. Just pick an issue and choose “digital” in the drop-down menu. Every single issue is now available in a digital version, so pick your favorites!

We’ve also got back issue bundles! You can purchase every issue we’ve ever printed or buy them by the year, for a discounted price. You’ll find those on the back issues page as well.


What does this mean for the print version/my subscription?

If you’re already subscribing to the print version of PLY, nothing is going to change! You’ll have the option at renewal to switch over to digital if that’s your preference, but you can keep on getting that print edition for as long as you’d like. We really love printing this magazine, and we take a lot of pride to make it a high quality publication that feels as good in your hands as it looks! So don’t worry – we won’t be giving up on our print edition any time soon! We are, first and foremost, a print magazine. Going digital is simply a way for us to serve more spinners, which is what we aim to do with everything we create. It’s an add-on, not a replacement!

If you’d like to change your remaining subscription to digital instead of print, we can do that. We can also ADD digital issues to your remaining print subscription, if you’d like to get both! Just send us an e-mail ( AT Plymagazine DOT com) and we will hook that up for you!


How much will it cost?

A digital subscription will be $36/year, which allows us to produce the same quality you’ve come to expect from PLY‘s print version, and continue to pay our contributors fairly, but also offer a price break to those folks who can’t afford the international shipping prices for the print edition. Individual digital issues will be $10.

Just like with the print version, we’ll be offering a discount on bundled issues! You’ll be able to buy a full year of issues (a calendar year containing 4 issues, spring-winter) for $30, and you’ll score a big discount if you buy the full bundle of all back issues (that’s 17 digital issues of PLY!) for $85 (a 50% savings off the regular price). We’ll update this price with each issue but buying the whole lot will always be 50% off.


How will I get my issues?

You’ll purchase an individual issue from our shop or a digital subscription just the same way you would with the print version, on our subscription page. Then you’ll be directed to a page with your download link and we’ll also send you a link via e-mail with a personal password unique to you (and on record with us) to download the PDF of your issue(s), which you can read in your browser, Adobe reader, iPad, phone, or your favorite way to read – both in single page or 2-page view. Your password is attached to the PDF and the PDF can’t be opened without entering your personal password. These issues are copyrighted so please don’t distribute or share.


After you Buy: Digital FAQs

If you don’t get an email with the download code:
Please just be patient! The system sometimes isn’t able to respond immediately, but you should get your e-mail from us within about 24 hours. If you don’t have it, please search your email: it should have a subject line of “Your PLY Magazine purchase of DATE”. Still don’t have it? Email to get your download links!

If you don’t know your password:
For subscriptions, we’ll send you the password when we send you the link to download the newest issue. For back issues, the password you’ll need is the e-mail address you used when you bought the issue(s).

If you’re getting an error message or can’t open your magazine:

You should be downloading your issues to your own device, not using the link we give you to access it over and over. You are purchasing it and it’s yours! If you use the link we give you, you won’t be able to access it anywhere anytime (and it bogs down our servers and causes the craziness of the last few days). I didn’t figure out that this was happening until just now. The link we give you is just to download it and you should just use it once per device (like, once for your computer and once for your ipad, or once for your phone etc).
If you are unsure about how to download, read on!
When you have the magazine opened up from the link we give you, put in your password and it will open. Now in the upper right corner (run your mouse over that area if you don’t see it), there will be 3 icons, the middle one with the arrow pointing down is what you want to click on — that’s the download button. It will ask you where you want to download it, choose somewhere you can remember, maybe your desktop for now. You can move it anywhere any time.
Once it downloads (will take a minute or so), open it up, put in your password, and now it’s yours and will always open!

If you still have questions or something isn’t working right, please get in touch!

23 replies
  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Inquiring minds would like to know if you’ll offer DUAL-FORMAT subscriptions, for those of us who like our paper but also like travelling light. I can pack 4-6 ounces of *extra spinning fiber* or *another ball of yarn* if I have PLY on my (insert gadget here).

      • Michelle
        Michelle says:

        Ok, stupid user questions: Do you have a way to magic my remaining 8 issues into digital/paper? If I spring for the “both” option when will my “new” subscription start? Is it possible that my teenager will do his chores without being hit with the cattle prod?

        • Jessica Cook
          Jessica Cook says:

          Hi Michelle!
          Can you send me an email ( with your subscription details? That way I can look it up in our system and help you out!

  2. Martina Staniek
    Martina Staniek says:

    WOW !
    this is a fantastic news !
    thank you a lot for it, i was one of those poor oversee fans who did not by because of the shipping costs !
    i wish you all the best luck for this step 🙂

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    This is awesome! I have 2 questions.

    I would like to subscribe to both the print and digital versions. I prefer the print version for most purposes, but would also like the digital version as this makes it easy to carry the entire collection with me when traveling.

    1. Will you offer a discount when subscribing to both the printed and digital editions?
    2. Can I add the digital edition to the remaining portion of my print subscription (in my case, that’s 2 more issues).

    Thank you!

  4. Marilynn Johnston
    Marilynn Johnston says:

    As an overseas subscriber I’m really excited about the digital issues. Ply magazines are beautiful and I love the actual magazine in my hands but don’t love the price of shipping. I have some questions…….. will it be in PDF format or something else? Will I be able to read it on my tablet as well as computer? What about a Kindle…. will I be able to read it on that?

    Thank you,

    • Jacey
      Jacey says:

      Yay! We’re so glad you’re excited! Let’s see if I can answer your questions: You’ll purchase an individual issue from our shop or a digital subscription just the same way you would with the print version, on our subscription page. Then you’ll be directed to a page with your download link and we’ll also send you a link via e-mail with a personal password unique to you (and on record with us) to download the PDF of your issue(s), which you can read in your browser, Adobe reader, iPad, phone, or your favorite way to read – both in single page or 2-page view. Your password is attached to the PDF and the PDF can’t be opened without entering your personal password. Did that help?

      • Laurie Drake
        Laurie Drake says:

        I have the same question re: Kindle. I have had some mags that are sent with a PDF format that, for some strange Amazon proprietary reason, won’t open on my Fire. I’m an idiot when it comes to computer stuff and don’t really understand Amazon when they say it doesn’t fit their requirements…ugh!!! I think that is what Marilynn is asking about. Don’t know if you have the answer, Amazon isn’t really forthcoming with info (surprise!!!).

        • Jessica Cook
          Jessica Cook says:

          In your Kindle settings, you can find your Kindle’s email address. Then you can email the file to your Kindle and open it that way. I’m not a Kindle expert, this is just what I learned from a quick search this morning. But maybe it will help?

  5. Janine
    Janine says:

    Wow, you work fast. Thanks for being so responsive to your rabid fans and providing digital Ply! Of course, for those of us who swoon over the hard-copy version, are there any plans to reprint past issues that are currently out of stock now that they are available digitally? I am happy I can at least get them digitally, but if I can add those past issues to their pretty brethern on my shelf, that’s what I will choose!

  6. Tabatha Holtz
    Tabatha Holtz says:

    Can those who paid for a year’s subscription access the online version without paying additional fees?

    • Jacey
      Jacey says:

      No. They are separate subscriptions but there is an option on the sub pages have both at a pretty big discount. And just to clarify, it’s not an online version, it’s a digital version you download and own always.

  7. Marilyn Weyman
    Marilyn Weyman says:

    I’m excited because now I’ll not only be able to find my magazine, but I’ll always have them all with me! YAYYYYYYY!

  8. Brunnerova Alexandra
    Brunnerova Alexandra says:

    For those, who, like me, want to read your issues at Kindle Fire: It is possible but you will need a third-party application. qPDF worked with me. It’s not free, it’s a bit sluggish but I works with my Dropbox and I can have my issues anywhere with me!! Thanks Ply staff for going digital!!

  9. Kurt Siegel
    Kurt Siegel says:

    Okay, I can renew my subscription for Print at $36/yr with or without autorenew, or I can renew for 2 years for $66, a savings of $6. I can renew with auto renew for $36/yr. I can renew digitally with or without autorenew for $36/yr.

    I can renew for a year with digital and print for $50, with or without autorenew.

    Can I save even more money by renewing for print and digital for two years, with a 2-year autorenew?

    (I’m renewing either way, just wanted to save more money, if possible.)



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