Spin Together is coming in October

Spin Together is a week-long spinning competition taking place online and everywhere the week of October 2, 2021. A small group of indie dyers and fiber artists got together in 2019 to create a joy-filled spinning competition with a focus on creative spinning as well as yardage. The goal was to bring spinners from all around the world together for a team-based week of fun and camaraderie and an opportunity to spend a little more time spinning.

Now in its third year, Spin Together has yardage contests for spinners using spindles, spinning wheels, and e-spinners. There are also creative contests for Most Beautiful Skein and Wildest Art Yarn. Most of the teams are led by local yarn stores, guilds, and online yarn and fiber shops. New teams are being formed through August 30th, and then individual spinners can join teams throughout September. You can learn more and sign up on the website at www.spintogether.org.

There’s also a warm and friendly Facebook group at www.facebook.com/spintogether that is active all year long with new and experienced spinners helping each other out and sharing what they make.

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