PLY needs a new ad person.

We’ve had a little trouble keeping an ad person in the past because, unlike other mags where there 50-75% ads in each issue, there’s just 12-15% in PLY (19 pages per issue) and since an ad person usually works on commission…you see the issue.

But I can’t handle it myself, too many things end up falling through the cracks. So I’m looking to hire somebody.

Most of the job is emailing advertisers, collecting, and checking ads. Because we don’t have a lot of ad space in each issue, there’s not a ton of sales. However, there is some.


– build a relationship with our advertisers and potential advertisers

– email an issue’s advertisers with due dates and reminders

– answer questions from advertisers and potential advertisers in a timely fashion (email or phone)

– collect ads, rename the ad using PLY’s convention, and put them in shared folders for layout and design by due date.

– check ads that come in to make sure they conform to specs (work with design and layout with this).

– regularly update PLY’s shared google sheets for each issue.

– connect PLY’s ad designer with advertisers that would like us to design for them

– seek out new advertisers

– fill as much of any empty ad space before we go to press


– 5% of advertising revenue for advertisers already established (before you come on board at PLY). This is essentially compensation for emailing, reminding, collecting, and checking already established advertisers.

– 15% of the advertising revenue for any new advertisers (ongoing for as long as those advertisers advertise and you work for PLY). This is for doing all the same things as above but doing it for an advertiser you sign up to advertise (whether they come to the magazine or you approach them). Any advertiser that is not currently advertising (even if they’ve advertised in the past) that you sign up, you get the higher commission rate for as long as they advertise and you are PLY’s ad person. This also includes advertisers that you upgrade to a larger ad.


– be able personable and kind to people

– have ties to the fiber community (know people)

– be a spinner and understand what kinds of businesses spinners will want to see

– know how to use google sheets

– be able to check the specs (size, look) of ads

– be available. This isn’t an every day job by any means, but it does require being able to respond to emails when they come in and there is a week or so every 3 months where you’ll be more active, as ads come due).

If you’re interested, reach out to me at jacey at plymagazine dot com (by Dec 10th) with your experience, CV, etc. and I’ll give you more details and we’ll see if we’re a fit. Quarterly pay typically varies depending on commission but for more insight on the possibilities, here’s or media guide. Our advertising revenue is very low compared to other magazines (again, we try to offer affordable ads and only put up to 15% ads -19 pages in a 130 page issue). At the top end, our full advertising revenue for a single issue is about $25k (about 1/4 of what we need to print an issue, which is why we need subscribers ;-).