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The Accidental Textile Archaeologist

We are thrilled to have regular contributor Christina Pappas back on the blog today – take it away, Chris! So here’s the thing – I wasn’t supposed to be an archaeologist, let alone a textile archaeologist. When I was in high school, I was the epitome of the nerdy art student. I always had paint […]

Loops, Plies, and Binding? Oh, my!

We’re delighted to have Rachel Anne MacGillivray back at the blog today! If you’ve been intimidated to try to spin a Bouclé yarn, you are not alone! In today’s post Rachel takes us through her beginner’s attempt at spinning this type of yarn. I’d like to share with you all my deep, dark, spinning secret.  […]

Public Demonstrations and Living Archaeology Weekend

Today we are so lucky because regular PLY contributor Christina Pappas is visiting us on the blog! Read on as she takes us on a virtual tour of Living Archaeology Weekend in Kentucky. The Red River Gorge in Kentucky is best known as a destination for world-class rock climbing, but during the third weekend of […]

DIY Community

Today we have the pleasure of visiting with Rachel Anne MacGillivray, who is here to remind us of the importance of community and how to start your own if you haven’t got a fiber community nearby. I have a friend, Anna, who’s a lovely and talented woman and, like me, has the Fiber Fever.  We […]

What’s inside the Bouclé issue?

The Autumn 2016 “Bouclé” issue is busy making its way to various destinations around the world. Whether you’re a subscriber waiting for your copy to arrive, or you’ve been thinking of subscribing and you’d like a preview before you buy, today’s post is here to give you a sneak peek inside the issue! ————————————————————————————————— The word bouclé […]

It’s time for Spinzilla!

Amy Ross Manko is here to kick off one of the biggest events of the year for spinners: Spinzilla! What are your plans for the first full week of October? My plan, and the plans of 77 teams of up to 25 spinners each, is participation in a fun event called Spinzilla. Spinzilla is a […]

Have you ever wanted to decorate your wheel?

For some of us, a spinning wheel is a thing of simple beauty all on its own – we’re called to the various wood finishes, and we love the clean lines and traditional wooden colors. For others of us, a spinning wheel is like a blank canvas, just waiting for our artistic touches. If you’ve […]

Permission to Experiment

Today fiber artist Joanne Seiff joins us for a guest post on figuring out the rules… and then breaking them! Let your experimentation run wild – some of our articles from the Bulky issue might be just what you need to break out of your rut and do something different with your spinning this month! […]