PLY’s got some new digs

This is the nicest website I’ve ever been allowed to post on.  Seriously.  It’s nice.  Right?  After a year, 5 issues to be exact, I decided it was time.  The magazine deserved a website that reflected how awesome it is, how hard everybody involved in it works, how much great information it holds,  and now that is what it has.  I keep going to other websites and then coming back, pretending to see it for the first time.  I love it that much.  Miss Jessica Becker deserves all the adoration and adulation.  She certainly has mine.

Now that we’ve got a rockin’ website, we’re going to use it!  There are a few of us that you’ll see popping up around the blog, keeping you informed about what we’re doing, what’s happening with the photography, the production, the printing.  We’re also going to put all of our calls for submissions here (check out the moodboard page), our tipjar question (yep, there’s a page for that too), our call for dyers, spinners, and designers.  And give-a-ways!  Yes, we’re going to give away stuff.  To you!  Like the fiber for projects in the issue. By fiber, I mean, the exact same fiber used in the issue.  Cool, right?  We always get fantastic dyers with great fibers so we’re going to share that with you (and give our small businesses a little attention at the same time).

In short, expect this blog to be used. Just watch and see.

silk types (bombyx, eri, muga, tussah) showing different natural dyes

Thank you for donating!

Thank you for donating to PLY Magazine!

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Fabulosity Yarn

Limpus Shetland Sheep Farm

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The Kuntz-Romanoski Family at koru Fiber and Dairy Ciroula

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Linda Hillesum

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Laura Sniderman

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Patti the oldgoatwoman!

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Twisted Kitten Creations

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Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber

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Natural Obsessions

YarnSpinners Tales Podcast

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Tsarina of Tsocks

The Fuzzy Bunny

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Sibylle Peter & Regula Rudin

Gail Roemer

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Storybook Fibers – Kristine Haddock

Sarah Townsend/breyerchic04

Leah Vandergriff

Loop Fiber Studio

Laura Hennessy

Ercil Howard-Wroth

Sharon Houck

Aunt Janet’s Fiber Mill

Cathy Davies

Dicentra Designs Fiber Arts

Alpacas at Orchard Hill Farm

Rachel Hamm

Jellyfish Knits

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Sharon Hanger (squirrelacre)

Kristin Price

Susan Ramsey

Marie Ekberg

Spruce Hill Fiber Farm

Flying Goat Farm

Fable Fibers

Suzanne Tetreault, ACraftyLawyer

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Daniela ROBIN

Porpoise Fur

Angela K Schneider

Studio Avenue Six

missknitta’s studio

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WI Peterson

Rowen White

Stony Mountain Fibers

Joanne Burrows

Dixi Talke

K. Case

Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

R & B Alpaca Ranch

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Jane Morton Bynum

Angela Jenkins


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Batts in the Bellfry

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Split Rock Ranch

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Just 4 Ewe Fiber Studio

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Emsket’s Fiberworks

Stephanie Brady

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Bryan and Katie Sebeck

Enchanted Knoll Farm

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Knitting Lagniappe

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patricia stevenson

Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks

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Southern Cross Fibre

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Rainbow Twist Handspun

Natasha Sills – Gritty Knits

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Pocket Wheels

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A Lawson

Fuzzy Wuzzy Fiber, Wool & Wheels

The Weaver’s Shop at Har-Ber Village

SLM Alpacas

Into The Whirled

Windy Hill Farm (Cormo Sheep and Fibers)

M. Lynn Yu

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Lazy SockMonkey Designs

Clemes & Clemes, Inc.

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Barbara G Meyer

Carolyn Leigh Bennion Ferro

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Hatter Rose Custom Clothing

Carrie Pugh @ Unraveled Designs

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Karen Bone

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Myrtle’s Daughter

Vicki Campbell

Sheryl Ramm, someday to be “Driven Fibers”

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Applegrass Farm Icelandic Sheep, Cumberland, ME


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Peggy Laipple AKA PickleSoup on Ravelry

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Amelia Garripoli, Ask The Bellwether

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