Where Does Spinning Lead You?

zoom-leaf-400x264 I was so excited to interview Diane Varney for this new issue of PLY. Her book, Spinning Designer Yarns, has been such an inspiration to so many spinners.

I was excited to hear what inspired her and to find out what she was spinning now. Except she’s not spinning now, not at all. She spun enthusiastically for a time, wrote the book, taught for a couple of years and then quit spinning. I was stunned. There is so much love of spinning and fiber her book, I assumed she would still be doing it 20 years down the road. It turned out that for Diane spinning lead her to other things, embroidery, metal work, and ultimately painting.

I’ve thought about that a lot since I talked to Diane. For me spinning had lead me to other things, but they also include spinning. I started stitching and instantly wanted to use handspun. I’m picking up weaving again and won’t pretend anything other than I’m most curious about how my handspun will behave in the loom. Spinning is so enmeshed in my craft thinking that every new craft I try includes spinning in some way, rather than just being a stepping stone to to other media. Twenty years down my road I’m sure I’ll still be spinning.

Where has spinning led you?

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  1. Jan Adams
    Jan Adams says:

    Wheelspinning eventually led me to handspinning and I’m just now becoming comfortable. It has renewed my appreciation of fiber and the difference of many varieties of wool. I was led to spinning by my past and remaining love of weaving. I have also been a potter for years but was forced to give up pottery due to an illness that causes a tremor. Thank goodness it has not effected my ability to spin!

  2. Bettie nix
    Bettie nix says:

    Still a learner with a wheel. But…traveling friends bring me fiber from other places. It leads me to just be more curious about the history. The dye process. The design of useful items for dear ones. The peace of the rhythm and a quiet time to plan. I do other creative activities too. But I never abandon one for another. They are each a part of me. Each contributes to my joy.

  3. Tara
    Tara says:

    I was lead to spinning by my other artistic pursuits and spinning has lead me into history, economics and science! Never would have thought.


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