July Vlog with Jacey and Jillian

For this quarter’s vlog, Jacey and Jillian share their favorite parts of the Electric issue, including the story of the creation of the cover. Then Jillian spotlights the vendors who contributed fiber, wheels, or other items to this issue. Following the Electric theme, Jacey and Jillian take a spin on their new Hansen miniSpinner Pros; Jillian has been spinning on it for a little while and this was Jacey’s first spin. They discuss the advantages of this wheel and how it differs from the Classic. Laura Linneman, who researched the information for the chart of e-spinners in this issue was on hand to answer questions about e-spinners. Can you spin singles on a treadle wheel but ply on an e-spinner? And can you leave an e-spinner made of plastic in a hot car? (Yes, as long as it’s a specific type of plastic—those differences in plastic are also discussed.) Next up is information about next year’s PLYAway (finally, we’ll get to be together in person again!), including some teasers on the teachers and some of the classes that will be offered. (Classes will be listed on the website in late August and registration will be in October.) The vlog ends with teasers for the upcoming Autumn issue on Consistency.

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