And the winner is…

Christine Long Derks!  A brand new LeClerc Cendrel Inkle floor loom is all yours!  Email me and we’ll talk delivery!

LeClerc Cendrel Give-a-way!

It’s that time of issue again, the time when I have something fantastic to give away.  Are you ready?  This is a big one.  A super cool one.  One I really want to keep.  REALLY WANT TO KEEP!

You’ve read the smart and sassy Amy Tyler’s article and project in the worsted issue — holiday inkle band,  right?  Well I’ve never woven on an inkle loom but her project was so cute and she made the loom — the LeClerc Cendrel floor inkle loom — sound pretty darn nice.  I thought you might think the same thing.  The people at LeClerc thought you might think so too.  So we’ve got a brand new one just for you!  Well, just for one of you.  Want it?  All you’ve got to do is leave a review of the worsted issue  on the worsted issue page!  Don’t leave your review here (unless you want to copy and paste it here, make sure you leave it on the worsted issue page!

On Feb 4th I’ll post the randomly chosen winner from all the reviews!


We have a winner!

As much as I want to keep this fiber for myself (it’s that smooth and amazing) I must do the right thing and announce that Janelle is the winner!  She can thank the and Mary at Fancy Fibers Farm and accept the fiber as a giant thank you from us here at PLY.  I’m just going to sleep rolled up in it for one more night and then I’ll send it on it’s way.

ps.  I wore the Swing Set cardigan (made out of her fiber) all last weekend and I was warm, itch-less, and if I do say so myself, quite stylish.

pps.  I’ve got another fibery giveaway coming up!  If you liked the hat by woolly wormhead, it’s up next!

Congrats Janelle!




Swing Step Cardi fiber give-a-way

It’s a gorgeous sweater, no doubt.  I’ve actually worn it.  Twice.  It’s so fitted and comfortable and warm.  Much of that goes to Amy Herzog, no doubt, she’s a fantastic designer, but the fiber had something to do with it too.

Glynda McIver got to spin the fiber for Amy’s Swing Step and while it was nice and the yarn was pretty great, I’m holding the fiber that you’ll get to spin for your own Swing Step and it’s even better!  I’m not sure what Mary changed with her processing but this stuff is like buttah!  So perfectly processed, no vm, no lumps, no bumps, no neps, nothing!  It’s like a homogenized pound of fiber heaven.  I even think it’s softer.

This pound (yes, 16 ounces) Suriland (Shetland and Suri 50/50) from Mary at Fancy Fibers can be yours!  All you have to do is leave a review for this issue of PLY here (not in the comments, but here, on the issue page under reviews).  Be honest, give it a star rating and leave a review and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the fiber.  I’ll announce the winner on October 15th.


We have a winner!

Thanks everyone, for participating!  And after using this random number generator, we have a winner! Kimberly Burnett-Dean of the great state of Virginia (which I hear is for lovers).  I’ll be sending the fiber out to her this week.


Thanks to Anne Podlesak for the pattern and the Wooly Wonka Fibers  fiber.


Stay tuned for more of these!  Every issue has 2-4 projects and I plan on giving away the fiber that the spinner/designer uses for as many of those as I can.  So if you really like a design and wish you could make it out of the same fiber, well, you could actually go to the indie-shop and purchase it, but if not, you can win it here!





Sweater detail

Brighton top fiber give-a-way!

Man alive, did you just love Anne Podlesak’s new design in the Twist issue of PLY?  I adore it.  I also adore the woman that modeled it for us.  So wonderful.  We were just out shooting and out runs this woman with my book in hand asking me to sign it, saying she’d just taken a class with Lexi Boeger (Pluckyfluff), and that she absolutely loved spinning!  Of course we asked her to model and of course she was stunning.

Anne Podlesak used energized singles to create a ziggity-zag edge and very cool slanting stripes and now you can use the same exact fiber and create your own — merino/bamboo blend (60/40) in cool blues from Wooly Wonka Fibers!

Brighton sweater front

If you want to win this fiber (enough to do the exact sweater Marilou is wearing, here’s what you have to do — leave a short (or long) (or really long) review of the issue here  for the twist issue of PLY.  Just click on the review tab under the add to cart button.  Be honest, the winner will be chosen at random, not for the content of the review (though if your content contains links to diet sites, fake fancy handbags, or sites with more than one naked person, chances are  you won’t win).  Sound good?  If you’ve already reviewed it, you’re entered!

I’ll pick and announce the winner on Monday, the 11th (one solid week).





ps.  it’s okay if you put your review here too, but make sure you put it here!

Maureen Burns, come on down!

Using a random number generator  and the comments on the last blog post, it turns out that luck was on the side of Maureen Brown tonight!  She’s our fiber winner!  Shipping out to her is 6 ounces of Spunky Eclectic’s Golddigger in merino/linen!

Stay tuned, we have the fiber from Anne Podlesak’s Brighton top to give away too!  Plus lots of other goodies.

And if you haven’t noticed that we now have cute little web ads over there  ————————->

Notice, darn it!  Do you want one?  They’re super adorable and very affordable!  If you don’t want one, consider supporting the companies that do advertise with us (just make sure you do it via the ad or they won’t know that their ad is working! Without them we couldn’t make PLY, plus they make cool stuff.




Fiber give-a-way — Elektron scarf!

I know that Bernadette, PLY’s photographer and my very best friend, is catch-your-breath-fall-down gorgeous (not to mention talented). It’s also true that anything, absolutely anything, would look beautiful on her. But given all of that, the Elektron scarf,  by Kristy Howell from issue #4, really is stunning.

howell3There’s something about the delicate lace, the slightly rustic character of the fiber (60% merino wool/ 40%flax), and the complex goldnenrod color, when combined, just shines.

Well guess what I have in my hot little hand?  Yep, enough of that exact fiber from Spunky Eclectic’s in gold digger — to spin and knit your very own Elektron.  Would you like it?  You would?  I thought so.  I feel like I know you so well.  And you know me right?  You know that I’d like to give it to you.  All of you.  But since I have just enough for one project, I’ve got an idea.

I need something from you.  I’m collecting spinning snapshots for a very special project in our next issue — the community issue.  I need lots.  Lots and lots.  Like hundreds!  So if you send me a digital snapshot of yourself or a friend/friends spinning (please make the subject of the e-mail snapshot) and then leave a comment on the blog saying you sent it and that you’re okay with us publishing it — you’ll be entered in our random drawing!

Don’t worry about it being the best shot ever, it’ll be very very small so nobody will notice if your yarn isn’t even or if you don’t have your good bra on.  However, I do need it to be of people spinning!

Okay?  Sound good?  Let’s do it!

Step 1. send a photo of yourself spinning  to Jacey (with snapshot as the subject of your email).

Step 2. comment on this blog post  that you sent me the snapshot.

Step 3. On Friday, July 11th, I’ll announce the winner and ship out the fiber!