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Little Tricks

So, last week I was trying to spin on my Norm Hall Saxony wheel. I love the wheel but I’ve never really been able to spin fine on it. It’s been frustrating. I’m in the midst of trying to get the last bit of weft spun for the skirt project and weather changes and all […]

Oil That Spinning Wheel

The week before Christmas I went to Jillian’s house to spin with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. We were all spinning along and soon Jillian stated to struggle with her wheel. I don’t remember exactly what was happening (something about noise I think) but I do remember saying to her, quietly, […]

Judging Fleeces – A dream come true

I’ve been judging fleeces on my own, for friends, and in classes for years! I know what I’m looking for, I understand the categories and I certainly know what makes a good fleece. This year I was asked to judge the Fleece Competition at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, NC. I immediately said […]

Rhinebeck Sweater?

I’m leaving for New York in less than a week. It’s the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. I’m excited to see the festival. I haven’t been able to see the festival on my own terms for years and I’ve written myself a little schedule. I did leave some open spaces in case somebody […]

It’s Been a Long Summer

We take turns contributing to this lovely little Ply Magazine blog and Jacey never asks us to write about anything in particular except I’m pretty sure it should be somehow related to spinning. It’s up to us to decide what to add to the discussion. So I was looking at my calendar last week and […]

My Hero – Mabel Ross

I’ve been thinking lately about my spinning heros. The people who have pushed me and educated me and made me a better spinner Of course some of them are alive and I actually get to talk to a few of them. Some of them are no longer living, but I have their books and videos.  […]

Plyaway Recovery

It’s 10 days since Plyaway ended. Let me begin this post by saying that Plyaway was awesome. It may be one of the best big spinning gatherings I’ve ever taught at. (I can’t figure out how to make that sentence not end in a prepositions without sounding like a jerk, so there you are.) Everyone I […]

How to Spin

So early last month my new book came out. It’s by Storey Publishing and it’s called How to Spin. The title is right to the point I think. Here’s what I know about learning to spin: It takes some time It takes some practice It takes some patience It’s best if you can have an […]