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Spinning for Something Big

So I’m in the midst of this big project that I brought on myself. I probably have at least another year of spinning and weaving before I finish the original plan and since I began I’ve thought of new questions and experiments I want to look into. The thing is there are many smaller projects inside […]


It’s January and around my house that usually means a lot of wool washing is going to happen. I have 8 teaching appointments this year and almost everyone chooses classes that require unprocessed wool. That’s because around 75% of my class list consists of classes that are about processing wool from raw. I love it. […]

Use Your Yarn

I teach a lot of classes and I am always surprised at how many spinners I meet who don’t use their handspun yarns for projects. They give me lots of reasons for it. (1) They don’t think they have enough yarn for a project or (2) they don’t have enough matching skeins or (3) they think […]

A Little More About Consistency

Last month I talked about consistency and gave you a couple of my favorite tips but I left out the one thing I do at the start of every project. I make a sample card. I know that lots of people love those spinner’s control cards with the diffeerent line thicknesses to compare your yarn […]


I love a smooth, consistent yarn. I do. I love how that kind of yarn feels and drapes. I love to spin them too. I love the rhythm of it. I’ve spent almost my entire spinning career working toward getting my yarns to be more consistent and learning what helps to make that happen. The […]

Proper Chairs

Don’t ask me about what chair to sit in when you spin. Don’t ask me about posture. I got nuthin’. I will say that when you are learning to spin it is important to sit in a chair that is a height that allows you to reach the treadles. I think one with a back […]

Your Tools

I may start to sound like a broken record but I can’t help it! In January I wrote a blog post titled Buying Things and it was all about how to go about buying the right tools. This is something I think about a lot because I teach a ton of classes that include processing […]

It’s a Process

Last week Jillian spoke beautifully about rejection. She said it all perfectly. I agree with every feeling. Today I thought I’d talk about my process of writing an article after the joyous news comes that my article idea has been accepted. This is the way I go about things and I happen to know that […]