Wanna try spinning cotton? (We’re giving it away!)


Our Beautiful Cotton issue has been in subscribers’ hands and store shelves for a few months now, and we’d love to know what you think! Are you a seasoned spinner of the fiber of our lives, or a novice? Did this issue teach you something you didn’t know before, or encourage you to try something new? Did you find it mind-numblingly gorgeous? Have you worked through any of the projects, or spun a new yarn inspired by the information in the articles?

Ruane2 We love hearing what the spinners of the world think about each issue! It also helps us entice new readers to pick up a copy of PLY. So we’d really love it if you would click here and leave a review for the Cotton issue of PLY! (Just scroll down to the product description and click on the “Reviews” tab to enter your thoughts.) As a thank you, we’re going to give away some fabulous cotton fiber! This cotton was actually sent to us by one of our readers, who is sharing her personal cotton harvest with a lucky winner (THANK YOU!). Isn’t it fabulous? It’s super clean, and so much – there is about 1 lb of it!


We’ll pick a winner at random from the cotton issue reviews on this page on June 15, and contact you to send out your cotton! Remember, don’t leave your review of the issue here, leave it on the issue page, here! Thanks so much, as always, for your support.


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  1. Bonny
    Bonny says:

    The cotton issue was awesome! I’m a rookie at spinning cotton. I’d love to win the giveaway so I’d have some cotton to try some of the techniques. Crossing finger!

  2. Jo Wong
    Jo Wong says:

    it’s a great resource. There is information from definitions of the different types of cotton, to natural dying, to spinning on a myriad of devices, tips, and a knitting project. My only beef was the “Cotton Spindle” article labeling. Because the spindles were introduced out of numeric order it would have been helpful to include the name with the number in the illustration. Very minor. Great job!

  3. Aphrodite Atlas
    Aphrodite Atlas says:

    The Spring 2016 issue of PLY – all about cotton – has inspired my summer fiber goals. Seeing a project’s evolution documented from source to finish is my favorite part of the magazine. This issue brought even more exciting ideas to the table than usual, offering both historic and modern examples of cotton’s use through time. “Prep it! Dyeing cotton naturally!” has me eyeing my dyepots, and I can only imagine that my first handspun cotton towels will be orders of magnitude better than any mill towels currently in my kitchen drawer.

    Can’t wait to see the Summer issue!

  4. Bobbie Bowles
    Bobbie Bowles says:

    I have been wanting to try spinning a few of the plant fibers for awhile now, so when the cotton issue arrived I was really excited. At this point in my spinning game, flax seems a little beyond my reach but cotton seems perfect. I thought all the articles were informative and made me even more eager to learn to spin cotton.

  5. Milissa
    Milissa says:

    I am a newbie cotton spinner, but have spun wool and sometimes silk and camel, yak, etc. for 6+ years now. Would love to play with cotton, as I have cotton hand carders and could hopefully do a good job processing it.

    I love (and have) all the issues of Ply, and love to learn about areas of spinning that I haven’t yet tried.


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