January Vlog with Jacey and Jillian

In this quarter’s vlog, Jillian and Jacey discuss the Winter 2021 Head and Hands issue, starting with the things they love most from this issue. Jacey does some modeling of the gloves and mittens she especially enjoyed. Jillian shares the businesses that contributed to this issue: fiber, tools, and wheels. Which wheel does Jillian really want—and was actually Jacey’s first wheel? Jillian also shows off two new features that started in this issue: Take 5 and PLY Tutes. Jacey—with the caveat that she is not Stephenie Gaustad—demonstrates double drafting using several types of fiber. She also discusses some of the different types of long draw (especially point of contact), and Maggie Casey jumps into the conversation as well. And Jillian shows off the Clemes & Clemes Lock Pop, which she says replaces her flick card and is a really simple and extremely helpful tool.

Next up: Jacey shares some sneak peeks at the next issue—Goats! At the photo shoot with the goats, what did a goat run away with? You’ll also see fiber examples that contributors for this issue sent in for their articles, including the different types of Pygora in lock and roving form. Jillian shares the vendors who will be coming to PLYAway.

And finally, Jacey makes an exciting announcement, which we’re not going to spoil here…

Links to Things Mentioned in the Vlog:

Spinners Phone Stand by Twin Mommy Creations
Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Sweater Spin with Deb Robson

Thanks to the following companies for providing wonderful fiber and tools for our magazine!
Camaj Fiber Arts
Mielke’s Fiber Arts
Jessie Driscoll
Knitter’s Pride
Bricolage Studios
Frabjous Fibers
Rhapsody Fiber Arts
Yarn Geek Fibers
Peaceful Prairie Ranch
Abstract Fiber & Yarn
Gritty Knits

Wheels used in this issue:
Kromski Sonata
Hansen miniSpinner Pro
Daedalus Starling
Majacraft Aura
Louet S-10

PLY Magazine believes that Black lives matter, as well as LBGTQI+ lives. Those most vulnerable and persecuted in our communities deserve our love and support. Please be good to each other.

Did you know we also have a monthly PLY newsletter? Sign up here!

Did you know we also have a monthly PLY newsletter? Sign up here!

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